Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Yoga Taco Night

Yes, it's pretty much like how it sounds.

This is when I sprint out of work to hit my fave Bikram yoga class, sweat my ever-loving ass off, stretch all out in every direction, totally rejuvenate my body and then drive home, shower and take Bubba out for Taco Bell.

Granted, I usually don't get farther than a bean burrito, but the irony never fails to entertain me. Here I am, still glowing from my total body sweat-a-thon and mowing through a burrito like there's gold at the other end.

To make up for such indiscretions, I try to cook a healthy, homemade meal on nights of the week that aren't designated as Pizza Night (Friday) or the shameful Yoga Taco Night.

In an effort to preserve our arteries, Sunday night I dove into my new issue of Cooking Light and emerged with this little gem. The not too fancy sounding "Parmesan Chicken Paillards (?) with Cherry Tomato Sauce"

Paired with my old friend Cous Cous (low carb living has sent this sidedish into exile) and some organic green beans, this was just the dish to get us off to a good start this week as Sunday Night Dinner.

My only complaint - the size of these friggen boobs! Normally I would expect organic chicken breasts to be weenier than your average frozen ones, but no. These were gigantic and frankly scared me a little. For sure wondering how, exactly, they got to be so large since I'm sure that "organic" does not mean "raised within throwing distance of the Chernobyl nuclear plant."

It did present the perfect opportunity for a once-in-a-lifetime comment.

Bubba said, "I'm sorry, but these boobs are just too big."



  1. I skip the yoga and go straight for Taco Bell...
    But I am married to a college student, who is in the process of getting his masters. Dinners have a way of never getting made..

  2. Looks just made me REALLY hungry! LOL

  3. that all looks so yummy. and love bubba's comment. don't hear that often from menfolk.

  4. gotta love bodacious poultry tah tahs!

    I love that you have yoga taco night. That rocks.


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