Thursday, March 15, 2007

February Institches Winner

Dear Donk,

I am not a slacker. You know this. Which is why you're probably wondering why I haven't posted the winner for February's installment of InStitches. I can see your point.

Without further adieu, let me announce Make it Snappy and her fabulously humorous and carefully crafted sleeping mask as this month's big winner!

There were a couple key things I loved very much about this project.
  1. Disregard for the tedious quilting pattern
  2. Witty sentiment
  3. Reminder that we should actually read the pattern and not just "give it a quick glance and decide that you’ve “got it”, because odds are you do not."
Oh, you have *so* been at my sewing table.

I find that saying, "Eh, I've got it." results in, "Why won't these seams line up?" and "Huh. That doesn't look right." and eventually, "Shit. I give up. Where is the damn pattern?"

So, here's to you Ms. Snappy - you've earned a little extra time underneath that sleeping mask and a wonderful prize that I will ship to you shortly.

Will you do me one fave? Shoot me your shipping address (w/phone number so I can send it via UPS - I promise not to stalk you or leave you sexy voicemails) to finnyknits AT gmail DOT com.
Grazie and congrats!

Ok, back to my contribution to March's Institches project - the clutch. The real work here is explaining to Bubba why OH WHY I need another handbag.

Teehee - I just got this one yesterday :

Vegans - look away...

It smells so leathery I can almost hear it moo-ing. LURVE.



  1. That's one gorgeous bag. I haven't even looked at the pattern for the clutch. That's how far behind I am.

  2. LOL. You slay me.
    Tell Bubba it is impossible to have too many bags. Or shoes. Tell him you could be out gambling or some shit. Bags are a better option ;)

  3. You picked on fabulous winner! WOO HOO!! She really did rock the project.
    And that handbag? So fabulous. Love!

  4. Hey, that's me - woo hoo! Thanks, Finny!

    If I may add one final lesson I learned from this project, it would be this: Go ahead and post your project, even if - by the end - you are convinced that it's crap and nobody will like it because you're actually very lame. I'm just sayin....

  5. mmm. i have purse envy. i love the color. it reminds me of cowgirl boots, which i think rock, personally. love it

  6. Good choice - I loved that eye mask - I don't know if it was the color or the quilting or what.


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