Thursday, July 19, 2012

Countdown to 1,000 and an adventure of the life variety.

You know what's on the horizon out there? Aside from the sun and shit?

My 1,000th post.

Yep, that's the right amount of zeros. So many that I had to add a comma.

One thousand posts, people - that's a LOT of swears and knitting and growing crazy plants and throwing scissors across the room in a quilting-fueled rage and big messes in the kitchen and adventures with Bubba and old cars and new dogs and oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooo and blahblahblah.

Right? It feels like a lot.

In fact, it feels like I was a totally different person when I started this blog SEVEN years ago.

Wow, let's just sit and think about *that* number for a minute. Seven years of putting words onto the internet in a somewhat coherent fashion. Freaky.

So, here's what I'm thinking - since I keep alluding to this BIG HUGE THING that's coming to Finnyknits and since I have this 1,000th post coming up in...oh...lemme see...SEVEN posts from now, I'm thinking that we'll treat the next seven posts as a countdown to 1,000.

And on the 1,000th post I'll share the BIG HUGE NEWS that I've been sitting on.

The BIG HUGE NEWS that will be so big and huge that our lives (OK, maybe just mine and Bubba's) will never be the same and some people will certainly think I'm scrambled in the brains and some people will think that YAY! and everyone will be able to follow along with what happens after the BIG HUGE NEWS if they keep tabs on this here blog.

Which should be entertaining if what you like to do is live vicariously through someone doing bizarre things with their life. Or you like to judge. It'll be fun for that, too.

But until then, we'll count down with posts about whatever the hell you may want to know about me or want me to write about.

Perhaps a lost topic from the archives?
Perhaps a burning Finny question about whothehellknowswhat?
Perhaps you'd just like my take on the political landscape at the moment or how I feel about the riGODDAMNEDdiculous commercialization of the Olympics and how I now that McDonald's has decided that they're the only ones who can sell "fries" and anyone caught using the Olympics logo or namesake (ruh roh) will be strung up by their toenails and bludgeoned with a trademark infringement lawsuit?

What ever happened to the Ugly Librarian Sweater?
How come Bubba and I don't have any kids...
How that front yard meadow is working out...
Do you even knit anymore?
How I decided that sewing as a profession wasn't for me...
What ever happened to all that crap you wrote for NaNoWriMo?
Ever think of cleaning up that language?
Don't you think you're becoming an alcoholic?

That's right - whatever you want to know or hear about - leave it in the comments. Go on, don't even be shy about it. That's not what we're about around here, you know that. Get your questions out into the world! Say a swear! There are no bad words here! 

And then, for five posts, I will do your bidding writing about whatever you want.

Then post 999 will feature one special post by one special guest blogger. GUESS WHO.

Then post 1,000 will be me sharing with you the BIG HUGE THING NEWS which is so BIG HUGE THING NEWS so that it now has its own label. Right there on the right. Go click right on it. For practice or whatever.

And then, well, then we will obviously all need a drink, so I will unveil the latest Official Drink of Finnyknits to kick off what should be a pretty exciting or at least entertaining for voyeurs and people who are looking to judge adventure of the life variety.

*sucks in a deep breath and has a minor heart attack*


  1. Best wishes for utter success beyond your wildest dreams. Or at least fulfillment, happiness, and time to travel and ski with us crazies. My fingers and toes are crossed for you, though you don't need it since you are such a complete badass and I worship you in all your blogginess.

    See you very very soon!

    1. I love your "at least". ME TOO.

      What is this very very soon time when we will see you?

  2. Ooooh, I can't wait! Here's my guess: You're shaving your heads and moving to Nepal for a year.

    For the next few posts -- Just go down that list after the "Or". Any of those topics would be fab!

    1. I'd actually like to shave my head, because hair is a pain, but sadly, no. This is not the big news. Nepal though...interesting.

  3. I'm still voting for pregnancy or adoption (human or otherwise).

    But, that's not the question: When are we going to play? Not that I'm "settled" or any horseshit like that. But, at least I'm here. Husband is thinking that when we move out of this apartment, we'll head down toward San Jose instead of staying here (in case he switches jobs and winds up in Cupertino). There are no yarn stores in San Jose and I'll have to go to many places in a car to get to my yarnz! Dammit.

    1. So sad about the yarn stores. Both of my favorite places shut down :( Where's your apartment now?

    2. Right now, we're living in Alameda (Buena Vista Ave.)......I'm hoping that we're not here more than a year because I'm going to go stir crazy in this apartment (I want my house back, dammit!).

  4. Definitely about not having kids. Will people ever stop asking us why? Because we've got lots of shit we want to do, that's why. As a side note, if you're having one (or adopting one), congrats. But I'm hoping y'all are gonna go live on a boat or something cool like that.

    1. Ah, OK - the kids thing it is. I shall come up with something meaningful and hopefully informative so that this question can die a nice quiet death.

  5. Who gets invited to your fantasy dinner party? Whose singing voice do you wish you had? What would you title your autobiography? What top ten CDs can't you live without? What are your phobias? Who is a real hero in your way of thinking? What Olympic sport would you chose to medal in? Were you born in the wrong century? Can you tango? What's the worst thing you've ever tasted? What's the best? Do you believe in ghosts? Who among your friends do you admire the most and why? What book do you wish you had written? What movie will you watch every time it's on no matter how many times you've seen it? Who did you lost your virginity to and how? Do you believe in god? If you had to swap lives with a friend for a month whose life would you choose? What food or beverage have you always wanted to try but haven't? Why do you run? Where does the name "Finny" come from? What language would you like to speak fluently? What celebrity do you have a crush on? Have you ever been arrested?


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