Monday, February 20, 2012

It's getting hard to pretend it's winter + a new addition

Poor Bubba.

He's a winter guy and a snow guy and a cold weather guy and we don't have any of those things. I mean, we did when we were in Montana and Europe, but now that we're home in NorCal? Less so.

Like way less so.

Not winter here.

Or here.

Definitely not wintery over here.

And those are fucking daffodils, which I'm sure are not wintery.

Yeah, our winter is not so much like winter as it is like a sort of extra cool spring.

I'd go on a bit more about the unseasonably warm weather except that I'm afraid of what Nature will do when it hears me being all "OOH It's so warm and sunshiney, winter's over. Fetch me my flip-flops!"

So, instead I'm just going on about my weekend yardwork as though it's not totally fucking bizarre to be out in a tank top pulling weeds, laying mulch and gathering daffodils as though it's April instead of mid-February.

And no need telling you people that I've been wearing flip-flops for weeks already.

I can't stop myself. Last weekend I even traded my jeans for capris and had the balls to go out to lunch in a tank top and flip-flops and these alleged capris without even a sweatshirt in case it got chilly.

Though it might have been inspired by the fact that I could open the sunroof of our new car.

Definitely a "New To Us" New Car.

That's right, friends, The Finny & Bubba Household has a new addition - a 1966 Volkswagen Squareback.

That there is one of my bees inspecting the chrome. They're very particular.

Sure, it's 46 years old and tops out at around 65 MPH, but he's got a sunroof, wood roof rack and is in excellent running condition.

Plus, look at that winning smile.

Don't tell me that you were thinking of something else when you read "+ a new addition" in that post title. You know me better than that, come now.

Plus, I've played this card before - albeit a loooooooong time ago.

I'm such a naughty tease. 

Bonus of a new car over a newborn, though?

You can put them to work right away.


Hey, call me a slave driver but this guy IS a wagon after all, and really, I was raised in a children are to be seen doing chores and not heard complaining about it kind of household, so it only makes sense that our new addition is put to work right off the bat.

Though, for the record, I did put down a plastic sheet to keep the mulch from going everywhere and I parked way away from the construction trucks and ricketty carts at the nursery so that I didn't have to come out to the parking lot and murder someone for ramming into Fester.

Yes, his name is Fester.

As in, Uncle.

Look again at the face and tell me you don't see it.

Yeah, you see it.

So - you got spring where you are yet?


  1. When I read the title I thought it was a new fruit tree or something else for the garden, but that Fester blew me away.

    As for spring, the streets around Lake Merritt are in full bloom, especially the trees, then this weekend we were in Dry Creek and you would have thought it was April. I just keep holding my breath that winter doesn't decide to show up in April.

    1. I'm worried about the same thing - getting everything planted and then BLAM! frost in April or whatever.

      That'd be some cold shit.

  2. I have crocus blooming and narcissus/daffodils about to burst open. Today I had three rain barrels plus intriguing storage/retrieval system installed; tonight it rains! Harrrr! Then, as an old-timer (older than Fester, I fear) I can provide witness to a similar winter ('91-'92) when the crocus bloomed in February. It was a mild summer . . . very good for gardening.

    1. Wait - where are you geographically? Because we've had crocus blooming here (NorCal) in February before...

      Anyway, glad to hear this is going to be a mild summer. Or at least it MIGHT be. I've been afraid of a massively HOT summer because of no rain. Not that that makes a lot of sense, but you know.

  3. I shan't even deign to answer that question at the end, but will instead share that I was happily scrolling through the photos, showing my husband the various angles of your rad new car, and then WOAH, FESTER.

    It was scary.

    1. Boo!

      But you see what I'm saying, right? The similarities are undeniable.

  4. Well, it's up to 22, but the wind is still howling so no, not so much spring-like as ghastly, snowless winter. On the other hand, the bees are all pretty much still firmly tucked into bed, which made it much easier yesterday when we moved ALL five hives. Most exciting. Hope they like their new home (fifteen feet from their old one). Love seeing all the flowers there, very pretty.

  5. Noo, Fester is in dire need of a Ghostbusters logo plastered all over him.

    Fall segued right into Spring here with one night of temperatures in the teens in the middle of January somewhere.

    The fire ants have really enjoyed the lack of winter. They didn't take their usual hit due to cold weather, just kept spreading logarithmically. This is crazy, they're everywhere.


      And now I'm bummed we didn't think of a Ghostbusters specific name. He could have been Venkman! Or Slimer!

      Ugh. Now I'm bummed. That's way better.

    2. Aw, but he's still adorable.

  6. Love your new car! Fun fun :)

    1. Thank you! It IS FUN! It's impossible to not be 100% happy when driving this car.

  7. Well. Whaddya know? I always thought it was Uncle Festus. Even google seems a bit confused, but it seems you've dun schooled me in the Addams Family. Even though it's from my childhood and you're too young!

    Anyway, Fester is WAY cuter than that ugly mug below him. In fact, he's looking downright hot. And AWESOME!

    And what's up with this non-winter? No winter here either, and it's disgusting!!!

    1. Well, the name came from Bubba, who insists it's "Fester" not "Festus". I dunno, I give up on naming things. My roadbike still remains unnamed.

      So, no winter for you guys either? It's a bit strange.

  8. Yes, it is totally spring here, and that's scary, because what happens when it's actually spring? And then summer? Will we burst into flame when we walk outside? I guess we'll find out soon enough. All I know is that the window must be closing on the "spring planting" season...even though it's still Feb. So confused!!

    Love the car, by the way!

  9. Epic car envy over here! OMG, how awesome!

  10. This is plain mean. 7" last night. I can't even see my driveway, let alone fruit trees!?!?!?!?

  11. You know what this means? A summer of baseball stadiums and roadtriping. Right?

    That car is absolutely fantastic and I'm so glad it finally came true!


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