Monday, February 07, 2011

I can't take a hint.

So, I think that all of you who were scared of February because I showed you pictures of daffodils in my garden ALREADY and then told you about our super warm weather can all rest easy now because, as it turns out, Mother Nature is a calculating bitch.

She doesn't just apply blanket punishment, is what I'm saying. She saw me being all OH IT'S LIKE SUMMER! WE'RE RIDING OUR BIKES TO TACOS AND GROWING FLOWERS IN JANUARY HAHA! and was like, "Oh yeah, whore?" and then proceeded to try to freeze us to death in Colorado on our ski trip.

Us, specifically, because I suppose she interprets my bare feet and bicycle riding as fightin' werds.

People, it was 54 below.

In case you didn't believe me.
And not for just one day either. Tuesday it was cold - somewhere around 30 below at the top of the mountain, with some breeze - and then on Wednesday it was so cold that some lifts couldn't operate, the Gondola house crew was frozen in place warning people off the mountain and we did something we *never* do during a ski trip: voluntarily go shopping instead of skiing.

We value our dangly parts, so we are shopping instead of skiing.
And then, when it got too cold to shop (yep, there's a temperature for this and it's -24), we did the other thing we never do, whether skiing or at home or whatever: we went to the movies.

I may have never said anything about this, but Bubba and I never go to the movies. I think it's the crowds. And the kicking of seats. And the scene in the parking lot that makes you doubt the collective intelligence of society.

Anyway, we braved all of the above (though the parking lot menace was ice rather than people driving madly in cars) to see a movie in an effort to keep our shivering bodies hidden from the weather outside.

I hid from Mother Nature and I'm not afraid to admit it.

Though, at the beginning of the week, I flaunted my I'm Not Afraid of You body at Mother Nature when we went to the hot springs and I'm pretty sure that lumped in with daffodils and sunny bike rides was what resulted in the End of Days weather.

So, if you were worried that February was about to be a total summbitch of bummer weather, fear not! I've taken the bullet for all of us by exposing myself and my loved ones to the coldest temperatures I'm likely ever to see.

And then yesterday, safely back in NorCal, I put on flip flops and a tank top and we rode bikes to tacos because, apparently, I really don't get the hint.

Also, the favas are blossoming, so there's that.

Tulip was ready for tacos.
So, I guess I'm in for some perfectly terrible weather abuse pinpointed at my very skull. At least you'll all be safe.

Oh, here's pictures from our trip:


  1. Your selflessness defies words Ms. Finny. Thank you so much for taking the hit for us. And for being smart enough to know when to come in from the cold! Was the movie good, at least???

  2. Thank you!!! Thank you for freezing your nards off in Colorado on behalf of all us Bay Area-ans!

    I am still doing my part by refusing to wash my car (which is now covered in at least 1/2" of tree poop) and carrying an umbrella EVERYWHERE I go. And no, I haven't planted a single vegetable plant!

    I even wore sweat-pants and a flannel shirt when I attended an outdoor Ceramics Workshop this past weekend - of course, I wore shorts and a tank top underneath (and yes, I had to shed the outer layers as we were standing in front of a 1700* kiln and - O' Bliss! O' Joy! - The mercury rose to the mid 70's!!!

    Poor me. I had to drop the top on my car for the ride home! It was that or turn on the A/C!


    (I think my East Coast friends hate me now)

  3. First off, I hate the cold. And the fact you braved it means you are the best person ever. I would have hid near a heater crying.

    Second, I want that pink dinosaur for my very own. He'd look great next to my apple tree when it blossoms. That and maybe he'd scare the vandals?

    Third, in two weeks I'm going to hike to ice caves. I still have no proper winter gear and I'm deciding whether I want to spend money on that or new books. Because I could use the books when I'm in the hospital for hypothermia. Tough call.

  4. Ya, I don't know if we're all that safe. We're expecting up to a foot in the next 24 hours. I think you left the bad weather here with us! Joey will be sending a great big thank you if school gets canceled tomorrow. :)

  5. You know that's like Interior Alaska cold? I know of what I speak. And I would NEVER go skiing in those kinds of temperatures.

    Hardy souls, the two of you.

  6. Tulip and Tacos -- this should be the title for your memoir!


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