Wednesday, February 09, 2011

And more shit abounds

I am not a clutter person, friends. I loathe it in all its forms. I don't like to look around and see all open surfaces covered in any variety of detritus. I'm not even a fan of neatly stacked piles of things because all that says to me is that, with one flick of a dog tail, those neatly stacked piles can become a messy shit thrown disaster.

And I'm certainly not going to look at THAT. I mean, come on now.

In most areas of my life, clutter is at a supreme minimum. Our house is low-clutter (poor Bubba - he is barely able to maintain a pile of papers on the desk without my squinting glare), my car is low-clutter, the yard is low-clutter, everything LOW CLUTTER - it's just *my way*.

I've considered organizing the dog's hairs into careful rows, but I felt that'd be going too far. The jury's still out, though.

Meanwhile, this blog is UGH.

While I want you all to know everything possible that I have to share with you at all fucking times, I hate coming to the blog and seeing that hot mess on the right nav bar with things just all stacked up and BLECH.

So, I made a new tab for all these things. All these More Finny things that you can find to get More Finny, in the event that you just haven't had enough of my bullshit as it is. Which, frankly, would be surprising, but I suppose some of you are freaks.

In fact, I hope you ARE freaks and want to follow me as I make fun of myself and others for questionable outerwear choices, sign up for races far beyond my capabilities, write articles for Associated Content as though I know what I'm talking about, forge my way through NaNoWriMo each year, slip patterns into sewing books, sneak onto Craft Magazine's blog and the like.

All that kind of stuff is on that More Finny tab.

And, because I'm all self-promotey, I'm here to point you to the tab OVER AND OVER so that more people will Like me on Facebook and I'll feel personally fulfilled.

My life is very small.

Also, I want to point you to the More Finny tab because all that shit that used to live on the right nav bar of this home page here is moving there. This home page is just pure blog now and less of the distracting clutter that makes me mental. So, even if you are all reading this through a Reader and never see the blog itself,  you can rest assured that the clutter is at a minimum now and you're safe to visit the More Finny tab for all the stuff you might have been missing before.

Then race back to the home page to free yourself of clutter. FEW.

So there you go. I'm a nutter, you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and the like from a new More Finny tab and sometimes I talk about thongs.

All good things.

Soon - I make you choose teams for a 2011 twist on Adopt a Crop. Start thinking about your favorite cucurbits and don't even TRY to tell me you don't have one.


  1. Finally, I found a way in which we differ. I am QUEEN of clutter. We have towering stacks everywhere. Though this difference may be canceled out by the fact that I've been planning a page similar to this over at my blog for some time. I've got a list somewhere of the cool sites that I've been featured on, but it's in a stack on my desk and I can never find it when I want to add something to it. I have a Wisdom of the Moon facebook page, but have yet to make it public. I like your blog cause you do all the things that I just plan to do.

    Also I would like to point out that I was the first fan of Finny Knits on facebook.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.


    I often dream of sweeping every goddamn magazine in this house into a pile and setting them all on fire. And the mail, while I'm at it. And then all the shit in drawers in every piece of furniture in the house that no one can identify but will not throw away because it belonged to SOMEONE in the family at some time and therefore must be important.

    Never live in a house that has been continuously occupied by the same family for seven generations. The clutter is beyond the pale.

  4. I'm getting a new blog layout soon. And I am having the person give me a column on the left and right so I feel "even". I have a thing about feeling lopsided. Which is also why I don't get massages, because even the pros make me feel lopsided... like they don't spend equal time on each side.

  5. You would hate my house...I am the clutter goddess in my town!

  6. oh, I am the same way. I hate, hate clutter. Always have. My husband thinks i am craazy-oh well!


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