Thursday, June 14, 2012

Gone fishing

You're used to this by now - my sudden escapes to chase fish.

Thankfully, this time we're not hauling across the continental US to tangle with Arkansas' version of the Wonderful Whites (if you haven't seen this documentary...well, just don't talk to me until you see it), just to a nice lake up in the Eastern Sierras and then to Tahoe to wander around some rivers in our waders.

Wandering PLUS casting PLUS catching fish. That is the dream.

I expect there will be fish (the lake fishing guide has alluded to the possibility of 50 fish days - FUCKING TEASE), early cocktail hours, sunshine and good times. Probably also poor boat behavior, creative swearing and strange-patterned sunburns even though I put on sunscreen like it's shellac.

When I return to the blog (which may be mid-fishing vacay, we'll see), I've got updates on the bees (Honey! Spiders! Wax Moths! It's a disaster.), the garden (The Green Giant tomato is, indeed, jolly), the dog's homicidal tendencies and, eventually, the biggest news to hit Finny Knits since I launched this shitshow in 2005.

Gird your loins, friends, it's about to get nuts.


  1. You're moving to a farm? Please tell me I'm not the only crazy one.

  2. I'm not entirely sure where my loins might be, or if I even have loins, but I will suitably gird them for the coming excitement.

    Bet if you used a copper reel you'd get fifty fish in a day. (P.S. Is there no actual limit imposed by the Conservation Department or whatever of how many fish you can keep? Or is that a catch and release number?)

  3. FISH PORN, please! Not that 'matos and bees aren't cool, but some fish pics, from time to time, kicks ass. Loins are girded...

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