Tuesday, June 26, 2012



I have been neglectful.

I have been fishing and eating tacos and lying on the beach reading Pillars of the Earth until my eyes cross and sunburning weird patterns onto my chest with the ties of my bikini top and everything except updating you fine folks on the garden and that is wrong.

Forgive me?

Meanwhile, the garden once again proved that it did not need me to be present in order to go bugshit crazy.

This is the last time I make fun of the Berkeley Tie Dye tomatoes being high all the time. Probably.

A tomato in the landscaping? Were we sober when we planted this? Probably, no.

Kumquats in summer? This has been a weird season.

I am preparing myself for another year of WHAT IS THAT SUNFLOWER DOING WAY UP THERE?

I have faith that this Padron will produce many peppers so that I can do this.
These are the Golden Greeks, of which I hope to have many so that I can make pepperoncini again.

Admission: I've already canned some pickles. AH-mazing.

And we're going to Square some more watermelon this year. Hopefully. If this guy starts growing soon.

These are the Green Giant tomatoes. Obviously.

Better Boys being, well, better in almost all the ways.

The year's first sunflower being all, "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaay!"

I believe these are Better Boys, too. I could be wrong, but...no, that's them.

Also please forgive me for posting photos taken with my phone. I love the thing and it's super convenient, but it isn't as good as my big dog camera from which I shall have photos shortly.

I mean, I *had* photos from the big dog, but they're a bit out of date now since it was real warm last week while we were doing the aforementioned sunburning of tender white parts and the garden LOST ITS DAMN MIND.

See? One week ago this guy was tiny. When I got home from vacation I ATE HIM.

This grew a whole new arm while we were gone. ONE WEEK. ONE ARM. NUTSO.

Not so "Giant" yet, just one week ago.

A week ago this guy didn't have any buddies. Now he's trying to get away from all his roomies.

So, yeah, when I upload all of the photos from my camera you will see that the garden has been mightily busy doing things like producing enough cucumbers for the first round of pickling, enough lettuce for me to harvest a pound of it (HOLY) and the nasturtium are, well, doing what they do best - FREAKING OUT, MAN.

You'd think that *they* were the ones smoking the reefer.

We're too innocent for all of that.


  1. What a nice garden you have. But of course. I shan't be talking about my garden this year. It's too sad for me to contemplate. Or irritating. Both, actually.

  2. Project for Bubba: Watermelon boxes made out of Plexiglass. I think melons like the sun - plus, you can watch the whole squaring up process.

  3. Like Kristin, I shan't talk about my/my mom's garden this year. [weeps sorely, gnashes teeth] Maybe this year = prep for nextyear: spreading chicken manure to let it age, etc. [wailing, more gnashing of teeth]

    Seriously, I'm so glad your garden is going batshit crazy. It's hot and dry here in central west Georgia...Saturday's forecast calls for a high of 104. I shit you not.

  4. A+, Finnberg. Especially the kissing moose.


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