Monday, October 19, 2009

Running is the anti-Snoopy

In an effort to stave off any more guilt, I went back out for a run this weekend so that I could say that my Post-Race Break Week was just a little more than a week, but not TWO weeks because that would be ridiculous.

It would have also been fabulous, luxurious, relaxing, productive and a lot of other really great things, but the thing I was most focused on was Fatness.

Because when weighing the pros and cons of going for a shortish-long run all the pros (see above) were outweighed by the very heavy con (Wow. Awful pun.) - Fatness.

Even though, during an impromptu dinner date night with Bubba on Friday (Fun! We went out with three dimensional people! I wore jewelry!), I admitted that since my last race, I've lost 4 pounds. Even though there's no way that can be anything other than 4 pounds of muscle since HELLO look at these oysters on the half shell spread out before me - it's not like I've been eating low cal during Post-Race times.

That would be insanity.

Anyway and also - I had a wedding to go to over the weekend and wanted to wear my new and never-yet-seen Supah Tight dress with my sparkly Wedding Going Shoes (I can't find any other occasion to wear them. Due to the sparkliness.) and wow is that one dress where a Lunch Snoopy isn't welcome.

Thank you to my good friend, Kiesha, for that apt naming convention.

Given the tightness of the dress and the likelihood of a Post-Race Break Week of Oysters and Other Assorted Naughtiness Snoopy, a run was definitely in order.

So, run I did.

I went out for a six miler at the not so early hour of around 7am and it was fine. A little humid out for my tastes and there was that pesky sun ball again and wow there sure are a lot of cars on the road at this hour, but the run itself was, like, pretty nice.

Especially since it was only six miles and it was acting like Fall around our neighborhood this weekend, so I got to crunch leaves with my feet, appreciate pumpkin vines crawling out from under people's fences and think mean things about those fuckers who already have Christmas decorations edging their Jack-o-Lanterns off the porch.

I think I was out for around an hour, since I did my usual 6 mile route, but since I didn't wear my Garmin (OH THE FREEDOM OF RUNNING FOR THE HELL OF IT RATHER THAN FOR TRAINING) I didn't get any exact times or elevation charts or splits or fanciness like that.

I can say, though, that when I put on my Supah Tight (but still appropriate for a wedding because I brought a wrap, OK) dress, there was no Snoopy to be seen. Yay. The run did its job.

Of course, after having lunch, cocktails, appetizers, dinner and a hundred drinks, I'm sure I looked like Snoopy after Thanksgiving Dinner, but I have to assume that everyone else was drunk enough by then to let such details pass before their eyes without recognition or memory.

Plus, it's not like I was the only one who had dinner and those bacon wrapped scallops, so I'm sure there were other Snoopies to see. Just saying.

And since the run went so well and I will have to make my way through a 5K next month and because I'm going to Palm Springs this weekend instead of putting myself through the Silicon Valley half marathon like my neighbor is, I'm going to go back to my weekly morning short runs in an effort to maybe best my 5K time on Thanksgiving.

Because lord knows I can't go a week without a new annoying goal.


  1. You make me laugh. Amongst many amusing statements, the "three dimensional people" bit cracked me up. Love that!

  2. Someday soon we need to be three dimensional people on your sofa screaming obscenities a the Niners.

  3. I love occasions that bring out the jewelry. It's the little things.

    I'm afraid that I look like Snoopy ALL THE TIME now. It's weird. From the front and back--totally normal. From the side? WHOA. Where'd that PREGNANT LADY come from? It's messing with my head, man. And my wardrobe.

  4. Everything I eat ends up in my gut. Mornings are pleasant because it's invisible.

    I run to get rid of that Snoopy, too. I had a great 6-miler (in the new shoes) yesterday afternoon. It was my fastest yet. And relatively low knee pain.


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