Friday, September 11, 2009

Running update: At my own expense

So, I know I said there'd be a running update this week, but there's not.

Not really, anyway.

I mean, after my technological FAIL what with the downloading of software onto multiple computers and having to get my watch, the USB stick, an updated laptop AND a miracle in one place at one time, I'll be lucky to have a meaningful update by this time next week BUT...

I'm willing to throw myself under the bus for your entertainment meanwhile. Feel free to thank me liberally.

And by entertainment, I mean you get to see how ridic I look in this new beloved Garmin of mine.

Behold the chicken wrists.

Yes, so not only is this watch trying to boss me around, but it's almost in the "I'm bigger than you" category, making it even harder for me to defend myself against its advances.

So, like, if this thing gets any untoward ideas, I'm pretty screwed.

Awkward? Compelling? Indecent? A potential for lopsided arm and shoulder muscles? You decide.

Good thing it has all those charming beeps and mysterious rabbit hole menus with which to distract my pea brain.

And just to give you the summary of my current running situ, until I can provide actual proof in numbers and graphs (OH YES THERE ARE GRAPHS) and charts (CHARTS, TOO), here's the status:

  • I am set to run 12 miles tomorrow and have been dreading it since last week when I finished my 11 miler.
  • I *may* MAY take myself elsewhere for this 12 miler so that I can be distracted by the new and different surroundings rather than become lulled into a sustained state of painful boredom on my usual 12 mile route.
  • I am looking so forward to the post-race break that I have to keep reminding myself to at least try to look forward to the race itself otherwise why am I putting myself through all of this, but it's a challenge. A constant nagging challenge.
  • On that note, also, the thought of going out for a six mile run without my Camelbak, Luna moons, GPS watch and meticulously plotted route sounds downright luxurious.
  • People - I'm fantasizing about only having to run, say, six miles. It sounds dreamy and that is wrong.

  • I only downloaded one new song for this week's run which means that I better come up with something good to mull tomorrow elsewise this run is going to suck ass. Two hours of it.
And that, friends, is about as much complaining as I can do right now.

I know - I'm surprised, too.

Have good ones.


  1. Oh, you got the green one. I like that one, but I thought IF I get one, I should get one that Joe might be able to wear and feel manly wearing it. So, I'm willing to sacrifice and *just* get a black one. ::still dreaming::

    Anyway, it does look large on your wrist, which means it will look just like that on mine.

    I just downloaded a few new songs for running. I don't think our music preferences are the same, so you can laugh or roll your eyes if you wish. "You Spin Me Round" by Dead or Alive; "Train in Vain" by The Clash; oh, and I like "Rappers Delight" by Sugar Hill Gang and "I'm too Sexy" by whoever that is. I can't remember. Those last two songs have been on there for a few months though. I think there are more, but I can't remember them right off hand.

    Good luck tomorrow. (I just went for a four-miler tonight. It rained ALL day and this was my only chance. After dinner in the near dark. But it was heavenly.)

  2. Jesus. Hauling that thing around has got to be slowing you down. It's like resistance training.

    You can mull on this tomorrow--at this very moment, there are two hearts beating in my body.

    I just freaked myself out.

  3. Lera- Right Said Fred sings "I'm Too Sexy". (I'm actually hiding my head in shame for even knowing that without having to Google it).

    ok- so music that I've been listening to on the Pod while powerwalking is:
    Lose My Breath- Destinys Child (which is pretty appropriate since I'm wheezy by block 6 or 7)
    Bitch Please II by Eminem
    Beat Goes On-Madonna
    Beg for Mercy- GUnit
    Sunday Morning & Bathwater- No Doubt
    Face to Face- Daft Punk
    Fidelity- Regina Spektor
    Gossip Folks & Slide- Missy Elliott

    OK- off the top of my head- that's what it is. Also strange- I already have them alphabetized in my head. MUST.GO.TO.SLEEP.NOW.

  4. Your watch gave me a new product idea: hand weights, one of which contains a GPS, the other an IPOD. A good idea?

  5. Lera - Ooh - nice!! A heavenly run...with rain...that sounds excellent. There were clearing clouds, thunder and lightning (far off, mind you) when I went out early this AM, and that was really nice. Too bad I was in the baylands where all the pretty geese and wildlife were taking their morning dump all at once.


    Love The Clash - good choice :)

    Kris - I'm freaked out now, too. THANKS FOR THAT. It's like you're Sigourney Weaver right now what with your inner alien's heart beating and what not. You know. As it turned out, this AM, I mulled the ever-growing stench around me thanks to the Nature having its morning poo right when I was breathing in.

    Sara - You automatically alphabetize things in your head?? You are my new hero.

    Abby - If I were a fan of hand weights (which I'm not due to the Don't Slow Me Down More Than I Already Am status of my running career), I'd say you had a winner there.


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