Thursday, December 04, 2008

FaDSA: Oct/Nov Winner *and more* + voting

Dear Donk,

Don't you love it when you get something good *and more*? I do. Even though the *and more* is usually something sucky you don't really need like another plastic cosmetic bag full of reject color lipstick and metallic eyeshadow BUT WHATEVER.

This time the *and more* is good.

First though, for our Oct/Nov winner. I have to say that I was happy to see more smiling faces (I imagined them. Whatever.) in the pool this month since there's been, let's say, a waning enthusiasm for this book.

Hey guys - I get it - I'm with you.

BUT - this month, good stuff.

Specifically, Dawn's very creative (and, frankly SUPAH CRAFTY) sewn card that, I imagine, was perfect for Halloween sooooooooooooooooo long ago.

Geez, it's December. Wow. Moving along...

So, this 2x/month's winner is Dawn of for her downright craftastic sewn spider web card.

Really now. That is overachieving.

Straight AND curved lines. All combined into a clean and meaningful design. If this happened at my house, I'd buy a lottery ticket and quit my job because I'd feel like I could do anything. LOVE.

And so, Ms. Dawn, won't you shoot me your home address to finnyknitsATgmailDOTcom so that I might send you a prize worthy of your craftiness? Sweet, thanks. Also, bask in the glory of your win. It's fun to do.

And now, for the unsucky *and more* part.

In case you hadn't noticed that it was somehow already December of 2008 (pretend you're as shocked as I am. It makes me feel better about myself.) and we've managed to come to the end of our 2008 sewing along, it's time to put this year's ~along to rest by choosing a Grand Prize Winner.

But we didn't think it made sense for US to choose a winner, since we've been picking all along and that would be hogging, so we want to put it out to you all - the greater FaD Sewing Adventurers to choose from the monthly 2008 winners.

So - FaDSAers - it's up to you. You vote for your favorite project from the monthly winners and then we will send them a FAHbulous prize that will NOT be a plastic cosmetic case full of face lotion you'd never use.

NO - it will be great. And this FAHbulous prize will also set off our 2009 ~along, which we'll announce on 1/1/08 (or closely thereafter due to hangovers that prevent us from looking directly at glowing computer screens) and which I predict you will love.

And, not only do I predict you will love the ~along them itself, but I do believe you will love participating in it and also its pricetag and its variety. I'm really excited about it but Donk made me swear not to give it away so I'm going to shutup now.

For the voting though, here's a quick sum of the projects upon which you may feast your greedy eyes before voting at the bottom of the post.

Fabulous Projects From Which You May Choose Just One:

January: Button Scarf
Winner: Lynn of Craftstew

March: Pintucked Table Runner
Winner: Melanie of Taylor Design

April: Modern Apron
Winner: Jomie of Mama Nose Best

May/June: Wrap Skirt
Winner: Julia of denverbrunette

July: Kid's Pattern
Winner: Julia of denverbrunette

Aug/Sept: Tri-Pocket Ticking Tote
Winner: Claudia of creativeclaudia

Oct/Nov: Sewn Cards
Winner: Dawn of dhbuscher

Simple Stitched Gift of 2008
Jan/Feb: Button Scarf, Lynn of Craftstew
March: Pintucked Table Runner, Melanie of Taylor Design
April: Modern Apron, Jomie of Mama Nose Best
May/June: Wrap Skirt, Julia of denverbrunette
July: Kid's Pattern, Julia of denverbrunette
Aug/Sept: Tri-Pocket Ticking Tote, Claudia of creativeclaudia
Oct/Nov: Sewn Cards, Dawn of dhbuscher
Free polls from

Wow - I'm suddenly a little verklempt at y'alls fanciness. What a HOT group of fancy ass crafters we have here. *tear*

You have until 12/31/08 to vote. And you only get to vote once, so make it a good one. And if you vote for your own project, we'll never know, so feel free to be hoggy. I think you know how I'd vote if I'd won any of these projects. Because I'm self-involved like that.

ALSO - for those of you who read along but don't do the sew~along, you should vote, too. That's fun. And I know you have opinions. And buttholes, but that's another topic altogether.

So, go ahead - feast your eyes, vote for your favorite and come back on 1/1/09* for the Grand Prize winner announcement and the unveiling of 2009's ~along. New name and all.


*remember this is a tentative date dependent on the status of our hangovers. Just saying. Happy New Year and what not, too.


  1. I voted! I voted! Because, as I have shamefully confessed, I cannot craft. But I can click a button.

  2. Thanks for another year of sewing along! I can't wait to hear all about the plans for 2009 and get a few good chuckles from the great humor 'round here!

  3. So I must admit I have always skimmed over your FaDSA posts because I thought it was a club of amazing seamstresses who all knew each other that I couldn't be in....Finny and Donk Sewing Adventure (the acronym just dawned on me. Yeah, dummy, I know. geez). Anyway, I am happy to have discovered the true spirit of your initiative and look forward to participating? If you'll have me.


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