Monday, March 03, 2008


Hey Donk,

So, I don't know about you but it feels to me like it's been a million years since we set out on our first project of year 2.

Maybe I've just preoccupied since it is so spring-y around here (YAY! SUNNY!) but I'm anxious to get the March project underway, whatever it may be. So, you go ahead and choose it up and I'll announce the Jan/Feb winner right here and we can all get on our merry ways with this sewing adventure, yes?

Oh, and before I get right to the winner, I'm just giving you a heads up now that I'll likely be referring to Finny and Donk's Sewing Adventure as FaDSA because I can't be typing that whole business out into the title of posts and things. It's a lot. And plus I know our sewing adventurers are very smart people who'll know what I mean when I say FaDSA or at least they'll know enough not to test me so early in the morning.


For our #1 Winner of Year #2:

Lynn of Craftstew for her excellent use of three perfect items: Leftie over wool, sweet birdie fabric and a HOT ass matching button.

These things together resulted in a sweet as Button Scarf that I'd be wearing in a SECOND since I am pretending that spring has actually arrived despite the 42 degree temp displayed on my car's read-out this morning AND of course I'm wearing a skirt and no socks. Whoopsy!

Hope you're enjoying your scarf, Lynn and please send me your address to finnyknits AT gmail DOT com so I can send you out your prize.

Now, Donk, for that March project - I'm ready!



  1. Congratulations Lynn! That is a beautiful scarf.

  2. Selected!


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