Monday, March 10, 2008

Adopt a Crop: #1 Update

Just thought you'd like to know that this was The Big Weekend when the garden got all planted and the elected Pickling Cucumbers made their debut.

Aren't you glad you have some skin in this year's garden so that you don't have to ignore me all spring/summer/fall until the garden undergoes its winter hibernation? I mean, yes, some of you voted for things other than Pickling Cucumbers, but perhaps your resentment will keep you coming back, if only to hope for an untimely death to the cucumbers in time for me to still plant your crop of choice or whatever.

I mean, that'd be a little bit vengeful, but that's how I'd feel and so it's OK to be mean and spiteful here and I'll still love you.

So, back to cucumbers then.

Those three seeds right there got planted twice over (meaning I planted six total seeds over two mounds) and are hopefully off to a prosperous start sucking up water and perhaps shooting off some roots.

I even managed to get the irrigation lines running properly after an exciting gushing event that immediately followed my flipping of the sprinkler switch.

It's always a fun surprise to see what's going to be waiting for me when I emerge from the basement (where the sprinkler control thingee lives) and peer all squinty like out to the back .40 at the veg beds.

I won't lie, it's getting to be a blurrier view every season which may or may not have something to do with The Old to which I recently referred.

This time there was no squinting necessary since I had a nice clear view (and could hear the splashing) of the geyser that was erupting from the sprinkler manifold in the cucumber bed. We were, at once, watering the cucumbers (yay! their first bath!) the newly naked dirt, the garage, our neighbor's back yard, the fence and the dog.

*Sigh* It must be spring and I must have spent the better part of evil winter with my head in my ass. I mean, what was I thinking expecting a plastic sprinkler manifold to last more than two seasons. Peee-shaw.

Oh well, nothing a 40th trip to the hardware store in two days couldn't fix. And I had a chance to buy some more poppy seeds since it appears I'm stock piling for when California falls in the ocean and no other state will plant the damn things.

Either way the cucumbers, along with the cantaloupe, basil, nasturtium, snap peas, sweet peas, marigolds (so ugly, but so helpful), poppies and borage, all went into the beds on Saturday and are all effectively hooked up to the Best Thing Ever otherwise known as the irrigation system.

It is all very good and spring-ish and I was wearing shorts, a wife-beater and my best old flip-flops for the warmest weather we've had to date this year. 77 degrees? YES, PLEASE.

At the end of The Big Weekend planting I turned to my garden, raised my arms, pointed all my fingers at the beds and with my best Master of the Universe voice commanded them:

"OK plants. GROW."

Feel free to do the same thing at your computer screen right now. I won't judge you.


  1. Some of those parsleys are mine all mine. Mwahahahahaaaaa!!!

  2. This is unreal.... You're planting CUCUMBERS (and other veggies) and our yard is still showing signs of the 15+ inches of snow we had this weekend!! AND YOU'RE PLANTING CUCUMBERS!? Heck - It's a MINIMUM of two months before I can even consider planting those out here...

    Looking forward to seeing all the pics as your growies take off!

  3. When I think of a "happy place," I think of your garden. I can't wait to see how my baby cucumbers do! Although in full disclosure, I totally voted for the salsa garden.
    Hope your week is going well, master gardener you.

  4. Grow plants, grow. Especially you little beets. You did concede on the beets, didn't you???

  5. Dude, you're a motivation.


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