Wednesday, October 01, 2008

FaDSA Oct/Nov Project: Sewn Cards

Dear Donk,

So, for some reason it's October today, which I find absurd since I'm sure it was just the first day of Spring, like, yesterday - BUT WHATEVER.

I'm ready for a new project anyway - so there.

Although, I'll be honest, there aren't a LOT of projects left in this book that I'm all fired up to make. I mean, yes, that pleated bag is cute, but I'm certain that I can't make another bag right now and still try to keep a straight face around Bubba.

So what's left?

Something I can actually use without having to make up a lot of elaborate explanations as to why IN THE WORLD I would need any more of those. I am running out of excuses, and so, I say we make cards.

Because I can always say, "Bubba, obviously I'm making cards because the holidays are coming and also we'll need to give gifts and then what about thank yous for things and what not." And I won't get any guff about making cards because I think you know who is responsible for all mailed correspondence in this house and I'll give you a hint, it's not Bubba.

SO - I say that this month and next (because two-monthers are our new theme, forget the "adventure" thing) we all work on our interpretation of the Sewn Star Card.

Of course, because it's our ~along, there is no requirement to stick to the pattern, cut out shapes, use a star in any way or, really, even follow the pattern. Let's just use the idea as inspiration and only stick to it in the sense that these cards we make should have some sewing involved.

Whether you want to holiday them up (I can NOT believe I just said "holiday". Please kick me from wherever you are.) or make a set as a gift or make some thank yous or just copy your ass on to some paper and embroider the outline - that is up to you.

Just do what you will and then upload your photos to the pool and we'll come back on 12/1 and announce the winner.

Then we'll get to talking about who is the year's grand prize winner of a fabulous prize that we're both very excited about.

SO GET CRACKIN and also don't tell anyone I said "holidays" because I am ashamed of myself.

Wuv you,


  1. Well, you know I am one of those silly girls who loves Christmas with everything I've got an already bought my red card stock and envelopes. So, this is the perfect project!
    Thank you!

  2. Ok, I don't think I've made anything since the very first project back in January. Where did the year go? I'm pretty sure I have some paper lying around... hopefully I'll make a card (or two!) in time!

  3. According to Tomorrow, Oct. 4th is World Card Making Day! Great choice on the Sewn Star Card project! I have a bunch of blank cards from last year to get me started

  4. Oct. 4th is actually Saturday! My bad! :) Here's wishing it was Friday already!


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