Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's not even been two weeks.

I have succumbed to the pressure and signed up for another race.

Granted, it's only a 5K to be trotted out on Turkey morning near my MiL's in KC, but it's still a race and my registration in said race was brought on by The Pressure.

This is The Pressure I feel now, now that I have made this whole running pastime official by putting my race bibs on the fridge like a six year old with report cards from school, and now I do stupid crap like foul up a perfectly lazy Thanksgiving morning with running. 

Sure, I'll go on to have four desserts without any guilt (as though running 3 miles offsets 1,000 pumpkin pie calories or whathaveyou), but the whole glorious lazy of the day is sort of ruined when you've sweat through one outfit by 9 am doing something other than bringing in firewood for the Turkey Day Watching Football Fire.

The real scary thing is that signing up for this race was necessary to keep The Pressure sated momentarily so that I didn't prematurely succumb in a more significant way that will make me very sorry.

What I'm trying to say here is that I got some wild ideas about what if I didn't fall out of half marathon shape and have to work my way back up to it next fall and instead kept running long races what then as I was walking back to the car from this most recent race - and now - these wild ideas are haunting me.

And trying to get me to do crazy things. Crazy things like sign up for more than one half marathon in 2009. 

I KNOW. That is what crazy people say.

Especially since I'm so super loving my two week post-race break that I may never go back to the running shoes or the gym (oh yes, all the exercise stops, not just the running) and just turn back the clock completely on the two+ years of training I tortured myself with so that I can become one with my beloved couch. 

I guess middle grounds aren't my specialty. 


Right now I'm putting all registering for 2009 events out of my mind because OH I have another 2008 race coming up and can't possibly think about next year yet, but I do believe I will need your support/abuse/personal stories in the event that I have any significant separations from my better judgement once we tie up the whole Turkey Day racing business.

Prepare yourselves for the inevitable hemming. And hawing. 

Oh, and if you are also a torture yourself on Thanksgiving kind of person and live in the KC area and want to hang out with me for 3 or so miles before eating 4 desserts (or maybe less if you're not as piggie as me) - maybe sign up for the race, too. Then Bubba will feel better because it's not just his sig other that's doing stupid crap when we should (justifiably) be watching football in our jammies.


  1. I'm not going to worry until you start thinking about eliminating the "half" from marathon. Because, I'm sorry, but running 26 MILES? Is a little bit insane.

  2. Just sign up for the marathon already!! You know you want to! Just THINK about all the pigging out you can do training for 4 months. Blissful. Really.

  3. seriously, you know you want to :)

    I got sucked into the "it's only a little bit more than a half's not far" mentallity...peer pressure, i tell you!

    my marathon's in two weeks...sigh.

  4. I'd almost consider joining you in running just to get away from another inedible Thanksgiving with my mother. But then I think "me? Run? Are you nuts?" And I smile smugly at the thought of watching football in my jammies while you're sweating in KC.

  5. My husband just ran a 1/2 marathon (his first) yesterday in KC. If I wasn't going to be 9 months pregnant on Thanksgiving, I might be there to cheer you on. He is giving up the running until March or so (on my orders) to help out with the baby in the mornings. I'd say he'd rather stay in 1/2 marathon shape than have to get back into it, but.....if mama ain't happy......


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