Friday, October 31, 2008

So, it's candy you want, then?

Ok, but don't forget to brush your teeth, kiddies.

Or I'll pluck them from your young pink gums with these here pliers.

On a sidenote, I think I want to wear fake tattoos all the time. And then get my eyebrow pierced.

Also, don't let the coffee grinder or Jada's jar of dog treats fool you - my kitchen is very evil. It's where I kill the chard, after all.

Happy Asshole Halloween, y'all.


  1. Best use of a tea-length bridesmaid dress yet! (And pink, no less--WHY do they always have to be pink??) Absolutely love your costume. Might have to show it to my kids, too, when it comes time to brush teeth tonight.

  2. oooh my, only you miss finny. I love it!

  3. That is a deeply disturbing costume. Even more disturbing? You went to WORK like that.

    Two thumbs up, Finn! Totally fucking gross and creepy. Which was, of course, the point.

  4. You truly are an evil genius, Ms. Finn. That is Creative with a capital C; the teeth make me a little sick, though. I have issues.

  5. Hey, I suppose you think it's funny dressing up like my mom!

  6. Great costume! Clever, indeed! ~D

  7. That is fabulous. I love the tattoos and the piercings are genius.

  8. Wowza! That's very scary in a twisted "little shop of horrors" way.


    All those piercings and tats make you look like a fresh young college girl! (Well, that's what half of them look like where I work!)

    Seriously - Great costume!

  10. Sophie - I considered giving out floss and toothbrushes to the kids, but I think you know they'd end up in my landscaping. Kids don't want floss. I know this.

    Miss Chris - Why thank you!

    Katie - Yes, only me. Me the weirdo with the million fake piercings. I'm living the dream!

    Kristin - Yeah, and the most disturbing thing was that I wasn't the most disturbing costume on campus. I mean, there were a hundred Sarah Palins. SCARY.

    Meg - You should have seen when I squished a bloody tooth with the vice grips. Grody.

    Wendy - Why thank ya :)

    Decca - Don't tell her! She scares me.

    Sunny - I can credit Bubba for the Creativity here. I was just going to be the boring old tooth fairy. The Evil part was his idea. GENIUS.

    Lynn - The piercings and tattoos were a last minute clutch call at the Halloween store. Because when else do I get to wear that stuff? And it's so fun. For about 30 minutes.

    Elkit - I did. ;)

    Nell - I loved Little Shop of Horrors! Well, all but the dumb singing.

    Jeph - I want to be a fresh young college girl!!


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