Monday, November 03, 2008

Not at all like the pattern, but still

Dear Donk,

When I put this out there as our bi-monthly sewing project and said something to the tune of "just do whatever the hell you want but try to work in some sewing", I already knew what I was going to make.

And I also knew it had nothing to do with the pattern in the book aside from the fact that I was planning to sew on some paper. But there weren't going to be any stars or vellum or cutting out of shapes or anything remotely resembling the holidays in my final product.

My "Sewn Star Card" was going to be made of whatever color cardstock I had in the stash with whatever scraps of fabric I could exhume from the other stash with whatever semi-coordinating thread remained in the sewing supplies and stamped with whatever color ink from the other other stash and then done 8 times over and tucked into whatever notecard envelopes I had left in the other other other stash.

The only For Sure thing was that I was going to use a monogram and then gift the set of cards to whomever belonged to the monogram stamp I had on hand for the project.

Obviously my methods are very specific.

Regardless of my directionless take on this project and utter disregard for the pattern, the cards came out exactly as I envisioned them, which is to say that they are the shape, size and combination of materials I'd had in mind and no catastrophic failure was experienced.

Plus, I was glad I could find scrap cardstock and scrap fabric and scrap thread and scrap envelopes and a random monogram stamp and ink in the craft closet that could come together and not look like a heap of crap.

AND AND I got to use my sewing machine which was just freshly back from the sewing shop and greased like a young squealing hog. An awesome thing, that newly tuned sewing machine, I'll tell you what.

So, that's about all I can say about this project. I used up some treasured stash items, got out a stamp for once in a million years and came out with a nice little stocking stuffer for my MiL.

I guess I won't be bitching about the book this time which I'm sure will come as a welcomed change for some of you who are sick of my ranting. Or perhaps you, too, will be relieved that this wasn't a hopelessly tedious project for no good reason.

Anyway - YAY! We're nearing the end of this year's sew~along, so get your projects in (some of them are really impressive, BTW, and I should be getting used to your radness by now. Apologies. I'm slow.) so we can announce this round's winner on 12/1 and then the Grand Prize winner and also next year's ~along at some point at or near the end of the year.

Oh, and I should say, it's going to be pretty fun, so don't go resolutioning any anti-crafting behavior. I'm just saying that you'll regret it and I will not be responsible for any craft-induced depression that you may experience. I'm just not qualified for things like that.



  1. Yeah, now you're totally speaking my language. I have 3 sets of stationery that I intend to have done for Christmas, none of which will resemble the star cards. But will they feature sewing? Quite probably. In fact, I'll make it a point in the spirit of the sew-along.

    And is it wrong of me to already be looking forward to next year's ~along? Well, then I don't wanna be right -- bring it on!

  2. You don't know anyone ELSE who's (last) name may start with a "V," now do you? COUGH.

  3. Um. Yeah. I meant "whose." God, where's the grammar police when I need 'em?

  4. Meg - Totally get some entries in for this last project - stars not required ;) And I'm already looking forward to next year's sew~along because I know it will be awesome. *Insider information* Don't tell!

    Kris- #1 You are busted by the grammar police. #2 In fact I DO know someone else whose last name begins with a V. And I know a few people whose first names begin with a V. I could go on, but I know what you mean. ;) Need some notecards?

  5. No, because then I would have to actually write notes. And frankly, e-mail is about as much as I can handle anymore.


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