Monday, November 10, 2008


Finny's Crazy Ass Frankensocks
Yarn: Rowan RYC Cashsoft 4 ply in "Folly"
Needles: Clover #2 DPNs, Tapestry needle
Lacey leg: Lace Rib Knee Socks by Jennifer Fray (free)
Lovely heel/gusset/toe: Africa's Socks by Gina Doherty (free)
Compiled pattern and project on Ravelry

Hopefully you will forgive me for three things: the awful FLASH-y photo, the fact that my floors are about as gnarly and hairy (thanks pets) as can be and for my impatience, because had I just waited one day until our fabulous cleaning lady came, I could have taken this photo with nice daylight on clean floors and you could have been spared the horror of seeing how gross I let my house get.

But, it's out there now: I am lazy and nasty and also apparently not ashamed enough of these traits to hide them from the Internets.


Despite my now-obvious awfulness as a human being, I did still manage to finish the Crazy Ass Kneesocks.

These are for my mom who is the only person I know to wear kneesocks with such a heightened level of unabashed glee and pride. It is also her birthday soon and since I know she's already busted out her Crazy Ass bright orange kneesocks to wear around her chilly house, I thought she might enjoy a new pair of Crazy Ass socks with which she can distract the cat while also inviting the attentions of alarmed passersby as she goes out for the mail.

My mom leads a very glamorous and active lifestyle that, I imagine, involves startling strangers and the random aloof neighbor with her unconventional radness. She isn't one of bland taste, just let that be known.

That said, I'm hoping she appreciates the Crazy Ass-ness of these lacy socks, as well as the funky color, and at the same time doesn't think I'm poking fun at her very lovable penchant for absurd leg/foot wear.

I also hope that these socks fit her very sexy gams because, alas, I was not blessed with me mum's lovely legs, so I had to guess at the sizing here and do a good amount of hoping that they will be snug enough at the ankles while also being accommodating at the calf. It's hard to account for shapliness in the calf area when one is in possession of the chickeny-est legs in all the land.

But, thankfully, as I tried the socks on for this perfectly constructed photo I was left feeling optimistic, as they very easily slid over my twigs and left ample stretchitude for a future wearer with extra leg buffness.

According to spellcheck, I just made up half the words in that sentence.

Anyway, just please cross your fingers with me that these fit my mom's lovely legs so that I don't have to bear the embarrassment of giving an ill-fitting gift while also feeling very inadequate in the limb department.

I may be a lot of things, but leggy isn't one of them.


  1. Lovely. do know you can buy socks, don't you?

  2. You look so cute when you riverdance!

  3. Damn that Sonoma social worker. If she gets mugged by a tanned amazonian woman with an Arizona accent, and the only thing stolen are her socks? Well. I'm innocent.

    They are fab!!

  4. Nice socks! Knee socks are definitely underrated. They take care of the dreaded draft that creeps up between the top of regular socks and the knee. Brrr.

    Of course, long underwear also takes care of that draft. But I imagine the combination of the two would be the ultimate. Maybe I should get some knee socks . . .

  5. Wow Finny! They're fantastic -- very impressive!!!

  6. Holy crap...these are too cute!!!

  7. She'll love them! And they'll totally fit. Lace stretches, you know?

  8. those are some hot socks. it would take me forever to make one. I'm impressed you got two done!

  9. Just sent this off to my coworker who's discovered the wonderful world of toe-up patterns.

  10. Hello, I came here via Thimbleanna. I love, love these socks. I'm trying, once again, to learn how to knit socks. And if I get the hang of it, I want to knit some of these. LOVE them.

  11. Decca - Who would sell *these* socks though? I have to self-craft my weirdness.

    elkit - IF ONLY! I must confess that no actual river dancing happened during this photo shoot. I would have slipped and killed myself on that furry floor.

    Africankelli - I know nothing. :)

    Kristin - And since you are SO right about that, I am going to knit myself my OWN pair of these. For the creepy leg drafts you know.

    Thimbleanna - Thanks, doll! I'm very excited that they don't look like horse doody.

    Dawn - You're too sweet! I like how they came out, too. So much better than I'd imagined.

    Nell - That's what I'm banking on, girlfriend. They better stretch like a mutha, since my mom has some buff calves. Lucky bitch.

    Katie - Yeah, I need to learn this whole "knit two socks at once on circular needles" thing so that my second pair doesn't put me in the grave.

    Jeph - I hope she's not disappointed since these are a leg down pattern. I haven't tried toe-up yet, but I imagine it's on the horizon somewhere. Now though? I'm still afraid.

    MichelleB - Ooh! Good luck with socks - I'm just relearning my love of them. If you decide to knit these exact socks, check out my Ravelry write up and let me know if you have any questions. Have the fuN!


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