Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Adopt a Crop: Winter Edition

What? Crops in winter? Why do I tease?

No, really. I'm doing some winter crops this year. Not a full garden's worth, but a few to get us through to springtime without having to (hopefully) go without our nightly greens. Also, I've been jealous of my neighbor's winter fava bean garden now that I've learned to love the fava, so now I must have it, too. And also arugula because HELLO it is awesome.

But what about the Forever Chard That Won't Die, what else could I possibly need?

Um yeah, aside from a bludgeoning shovel for the chard, I need some arugula, or maybe red leaf, or what about we see how the Black-seeded Simpson does in winter, or how about some random mix called Fordhook?

Well, people, you know I can't decide by myself, because that's when my garden starts to fill up in every open spot and no soil gets to rest and then terrible things happen that make me swear.

And we don't want that. Really now.

So, won't you join me in a toned down winter edition of Adopt a Crop? Now, I'm not sure how I'll be able to send any looseleaf lettuce off on a Lettuce Visit, but if you live close by, I might drop it off on your porch. That'd be fun! Like a Lettuce Stalker!


First, though, you vote - and then we'll work out the details later.

Details like which bed this lettuce is going in and when, exactly, I think I'm going to have time to clean, amend, compost, sow, cover and care for these lettuces. And then we can talk Lettuce Stalkers from those who choose the winning variety.

Go now! Vote on your lettuce and let Finny do the rest.

Which lettuce would you adopt?
Arugula Rocket
Red leaf
Black-seeded Simpson
Fordhook mix
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  1. Finny.

    Clearly you're in CA and can grow exotic things year round. We can grow snowmen in the winter. Therefore, I'd like to vote for iceberg lettuce. Which, incidentally, is almost the only lettuce on your list (or not on your list, as the case may be) that I've ever heard of. (And btw, thank you for clearing up the Rocket mystery -- we saw it on menus a lot in Scotland and didn't know what it was. If they'd only said arugula it would have helped.) You must try to remember us poor deprived souls in the midwest when you craft these polls in the future.


  2. I'm trying to vote for the Simpson one because, obviously, the Simpsons, but it doesn't seem to be letting me cast my vote. Ah, computers. That's why I did a mail-in ballot last week (and dropped it off in person). You may get to grow lettuce all winter, but I got to vote in a swing state. ;)

  3. Meh--lettuce. Not such a big lettuce fan. I think you should plant spinach because it's so much more versatile. Though perhaps it's too close to the Vile Chard.

    But I voted anyway. For the mix, whatever it is, because we all need some variety. Especially in the winter.

  4. Arugula! Yum. Yum. Yum.

  5. Veggies in the winter too! How awesome is that? I was so sad to have to kiss my veggie garden goodbye until the spring.

    I was tempted to vote for the Simpson one just because of its name, but I had to go with the arugula in the end - so yummy.


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