Friday, October 17, 2008

Be scared with me.

Look away, mommy. The garden is so scary. Also, Jada kicked me.

So, yeah, by now I expected I'd have most of the plants pulled from the garden and be on to more timely topics like what am I going to be for Halloween (because I'm five and we are all five years old on Halloween where I work, which is not a kindergarten) or maybe trying to pinpoint who in my neighborhood is the biggest loser by putting out holiday decorations first.

I really didn't expect that there'd be shit going on in the garden at this point beyond some impressive dying off of plants and maybe some crazy ass spider webs. I certainly didn't think I'd be getting any produce love from the garden, that's for sure.

But WOW I was wrong.

Aforementioned ugly marigolds that are huge.
Ones in front are from the nursery. BIG ones in back are from seed. Wow.

This morning's take home.

Beans? In October? Really now.

Look. Now you can be scared of chard, too. It's hip tall. What the F?

Oh yeah, we're having tomatoes around here in October. This is fine with me.

Click to enlarge this photo because maybe then you will see my poor basil all hidden in there.

Why, yes, that is another pumpkin growing randomly from the volunteer plant.

So, like I vaguely referenced the other day, garden updates might go on for a while, so I'm real sorry for you guys who have been waiting for me to shut up about those plant things already because apparently you have some time still.

Come back in a few weeks when I'm sure I'll be on to bitching about my neighbors who have already put out their inflatable Santy Claus.

Do you think I'm kidding? I might go take pictures of my neighbors' Halloween decorations, too, because if the decorating can start in SEPTEMBER DAMN YOU then I'd say the shit talking can, too.

Mom. These marigolds are really ugly. Also, I kicked Rocket. Sucka


  1. So like my daughter had to point out the basil cause you pointed it out in BIG WHITE LETTERS and I still couldn't find it when I blew up the picture. (Just got home from work, I'm tired...)
    Crap, your garden looks great still. Mine would too, except I don't have anything but weeds, but hey! They are going gang busters!

  2. Even scarier? MY garden is still producing green beans and tomatoes (though possible frost tomorrow). And I am pretty sure we are not in the same zone. Or even close. Can anyone deny global warming NOW?

    Though our dogs are not kicking our cat. If anything, the cat is kicking the shit out of them if they try anything.

  3. You know, if Jada and Rocket can't play together, they're going to need a time out.

    In my garden news The Weed That Ate Our Backyard is now taking prisoners. I saw a squirrel run under it and didn't see it come out the other side. I'm pretty sure it's guarding a Hellmouth. (The weed, not the squirrel.)

  4. I'm moving to a new neighborhood (and state!) so I will have new opportunities for scouting out Christmas tacky. I can't wait. Not that your gardening updates aren't great...but I think we need for photos of your pets.

  5. Thank you for reminding me to never, EVER plant chard. I really appreciate you taking this on for the team.

  6. I know I said we had a frost a week or so ago, but I went out yesterday and harvested a shirt-full of cherry tomatoes. (Um, do I need to explain shirt-full... it's when you don't bring out a bowl or anything because you're not expecting anything to still be alive and then you pick a couple and realize that they're still good and so you just hold out the front of your shirt and fill it up.)

  7. Ok, I'm totally jealous of your garden. As of yesterday morning my garden is all...melty. I don't know how else to describe all the plants "kissed" by frost. Well, "gross" would be another good way to describe it.

    What a cool color of chard - I've got yellow, and red, and a more vibrant orange... My chard's MOSTLY survived the frosts so far - just looking a little wilty this morning while there was still frost all over the yard. I should do the final harvesting I kept planning to do....before it's to late.

    I had to abort some baby pumpkins before tilling in the garden last weekend. I felt so guilty, but there's no way they were going to develop in time.

    Your cat and dog are so pretty!

  8. Oh I am so jealous. The only thing I am harvesting from my backyard is dog poo. Well, I guess chicken eggs too.

    I love your pooch's curly tail.


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