Monday, December 22, 2008

No more socks

Lace Rib Knee Socks V2 by Jennifer Fay
Yarn: Rowan 4 Ply Cotton
Needles: #2 DPNS, Tapestry needle

I think I've quenched my bizarre desire for sock knitting now.

As I was finishing these I became very aware of how very tired I was of wrestling skinny orange yarn around 3 DPNs. I mean, it looked good and and all, but yeah, three pairs of socks in a row is a bit much.

Plus, Target IS right there and all...

I tried these on as soon as I kitchner stitched the toe (which is always a joy) and marveled at how they fit my chicken-y legs. All tight at the ankles like I like and everything. And then, because it was time for my night nap (9pm), I fell asleep with my new socks warming my cold toes and when I woke up at 11pm (long night nap! woo!) my socks were all floppy stretched out.

Boo. Stupid cotton, I knew you'd do that.

So, I threw them in the wash that was going (yay for machine wash yarn) and then - DON'T SCREAM - put them in the dryer to see if they'd shrink up a bit.

Because I can not bear floppy stretched out socks (or jeans or Tshirts or really anything for that matter) and am willing to risk the integrity of a recently finished project for the sake of a good tight fit. Also, after a night nap, my reasoning and logic skills aren't at their sharpest and I make knee-jerk decisions that sometimes result in disaster.

But not this time!

After a wash and dry (sorry Rowan people, I know you said not to tumble dry) they fit like a dream. Tight at the top, fitted around the calf, snug at the ankle, tight around my skinny alien feet. Plus, they're orange, which I think you know makes anything great and perfect in my world.

I will have to try them out for another night nap and see how they fare, but I think I'll now consider these machine wash/dry. Don't tell Rowan though. I hear they bite.

Hello, lacy ankles.

And because I'm riding a dorky knitting roller coaster that makes me want to be knitting something all the time, I've started a new project. Already. Because I'm afraid of the cookies in the kitchen and The Fatness. So I must knit. A new thing.

A new thing that is not socks. (Phew.)

A new thing that can not be found for $5 at Target.

A T-shirt!

No, really.

You can't buy a Tshirt like this at Target for $5. I'm pretty sure.
Leaf Tshirt by Melissa LaBarre
Yarn: Rowan RYC Cashsoft DK in "Khaki"
Needles: #6 24" circulars, Tapestry needle

I don't know what exactly appealed to me about this pattern as I was cruising Ravelry, but it might have been this picture because this actually looks like something I'd wear. Even though the girl that made and modeled this shirt says this is something she probably wouldn't wear.

Which is something I find amusing because I can't see wading through an almost sweater pattern if I didn't think I'd wear it. No, I prefer to wade through a painful sweater pattern to have it blow up in my face like so much fiber horse shit. Woo.


I really like how this is coming out so far. The yarn is my favorite - a cotton/cashmere/angora blend - and it knits up on 6s perfectly and actually makes me feel like I might know what I'm doing.

And the lace leaf pattern up the center? Um, so easy. And there isn't any cabling involved which is good because cabling makes me want to cut myself.

I have a good feeling about this shirt.

So good, in fact, that I already have the rest of the outfit ready and waiting for this shirt to be done. Because I'm a little crazy and I like to jinx all my projects by over-preparing for their arrival.

Doesn't it look like someone else besides me knit this? That's the goal.


  1. You're a knitting fiend! Seriously - what's next? Pants?

  2. it all looks amazing! love that top. wow! you will model it right? i haven't seen that pattern yet.

  3. That is so fantastic! I checked out the vogue knitting book from the library and it's now on my Christmas wishlist. If I ever actually knit anything, you're getting all the credit, Finny. (But it won't be happening anytime soon because I'm about all crafted out this season.)


  4. hi, just stumbled upon your great blog cos Im a beginner knitter. LOVE the socks. I do not know how to knit with DPN or circular. Lame, I know.
    email is
    Im at the stage where I have to be knitting all the time too. I bring my project to bed and knit off a few rows before lights out.

  5. That shirt is going to be seriously gorgeous. I cannot wait to see how this works out. And I love the orange socks!


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