Friday, December 19, 2008

It's out of my hands now.

It's really a relief to have so many gifts off to their proper new homes because now I can't special them up against my will.

I mean, sure, it's nice that they're off warming the bellies of my beloved friends, but mostly it's just nice because now I can't go wrapping special fabric around the jam or tying bows onto the bags or whathaveyou because they're mostly gone.

And, because I'm an anal retentive freak that requires order and consistency in all my projects and endeavors, I won't special up the gifts that have yet to be distributed because they would then be different from the ones already Out in the Field and I can't have different looking gifts all traipsing about the Bay Area as though they're part of a grand master scheme when they're not. They'd be impostors, which is something else of which I'm not a fan.

Yay! I'm a psycho!

Also, here's the ridiculous holiday wrapping color/etc scheme I put together:

Yeah, so it's not 4th of July, but I failed to recognize that when I chose blue bags and red and white string. Whatever. Happy 4th!

And so there's my handwriting in ballpoint pen and you can still see the Ball logo under my store-bought label? What?

It still kinda looks special even though this is just basically a paper bag with a sticker and could be any 2nd grader's lunch. Right?

The important thing is that the contents are edible and the recipients made an acceptable amount of cooing and yummy noises when they saw what was inside. It's also good that they all know to expect handmade gifts from me and go as far as saying (well, one person did) that they look forward to seeing what I come up with for holiday gifts.

Whether they mean that in the rude way or the nice way is of little importance to me. I choose to believe they like my unexpected handmade weirdnesses and so I'm choosing to think that they're not making fun of me right to my face.

Because that kind of thing should be kept behind my back on a blog somewhere where strangers can read about it and judge me and I can go on thinking that I'm awesome and make good jam that people like.

Remember! Crazy lady!

Happy Holidays.


  1. So I should expect my gift any day now?

  2. Your packages looks great, and I'm sure the insides are even better. Most years I make a little something for the neighbors, but I am wrapping challenged and they have learned to accept them with faith they'll be OK. And they are.
    Happy happy, Finny.

  3. Lucky peeps on your gift list! Isn't it funny -- I wonder the same thing about my non-crafty friends -- are they making fun of me behind my back?

  4. Very VERY smart to get the product out-of-hand and to your recipients before you can start fretting over it, wondering how you can do-it-up just a bit more, etc... You don't need that kinda extra stress. They look great (and I bet they're tasty too!)!

  5. You just go right on thinking you are awesome and make great stuff that people adore. You are so on it! I will be sewing like a mad woman for the next several evenings. Gin helps.

  6. These are so tasty, thank you Jess! Yum yummy!


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