Tuesday, May 04, 2010

OYW : Sew Along 2010 : May

Oh Donk,

What a fun adventure that Pampered Pooch Set thing was, eh?

This is a good reason for me to stick with my old mantra of Let's Not Dress The Dog (Halloween excluded because COME ON that's funny) and go back to trying to dress myself.

Another activity that can have equally tragic results, but at least history tells me that sometimes I can turn out something presentable.

In fact, I've worn lots of my self-sewn stuff without exposing my nether regions to coworkers, so I feel plenty comfortable forging ahead in this arena.

And, hey, there are some cute clothing-type patterns in this book, and, hey, one can cover a decent part of one's body with a yard of fabric (so as not to incite the likes of HR/the bobbies/neighborhood glares) so, hey, let's sew some clothes.

But also, hey, I can't choose and it's about to be summer (or so I hear, I'm skeptical) and I always need a hundred more tank tops than I have so let's do a dealer's choice for the fabric de-stasher AND tack on an extra month so that folks who need a hundred tank tops like I do and also have every. single. weekend. booked in May and still want to make BOTH projects can do so without falling short of the one month deadline which we enforce so harshly and with great lashing of hamstrings.

(And now you realize I'm kidding.)

I propose we do this as follows:

My fabric de-stashing projectS from One Yard Wonders:
The Pintucked Top AND/OR The Summer Nightie

I don't think I have to tell you that the Summer Nightie could also be a Summer Tank Top even if you wear it over a wife-beater or other tank top as I plan to do as I can't be going bra-free lest I, once again, call attention from the authorities due to the boobage-floppage-exposage.

Wow. None of those were real words. Weird how I bet you all know what I'm talking about anyway.

And while I'm wearing one or more of my full-enough coverage tank tops, I will make and eat this pasta dish you so carefully tried and tested for our dainty tastebuds.

Kelli's fridge de-stasher: Summer Thai Peanut Pasta

I think these projects should ease us into summer pretty successfully and I'm fairly certain I'll be able to swing around to the photo pool by 6/30 with evidence that I can sew clothes that don't get me arrested and/or make food that will keep the farmshare under control.

But, just in case I sit down with these patterns and things start to go awry, DON'T PANIC, I'll be back here with my work-arounds or pea-brained ideas for how to make them work. Or how to completely reconstruct them so that they work for my purposes. Or how to make a pillowcase so that I can stuff the remains of my shredded project into something useful. Or how to strike a match on your front teeth and light fire to, say, bias tape sewn to cotton fabric.

We're all about answers here at Finnyknits! Or something like that! At least we drink a bit, so our ideas are amusing.

Who is this "we" and "our" I'm referring to, anyway?

Let's go on about starting summer, then. 



  1. I too have every weekend booked this month, so appreciate the extra month because I need desperately to replace my summer nighties.

    I'll be making mine longer than the pattern (don't tell OYW that I'll be using more than a yard) ... and I'm looking forward to trying Kelli's salad.

    Also wanted to let you know that I recently bought the Amy Butler Cami/Tunic pattern you referenced (http://bit.ly/9MyGZM) and had exactly the same "Huh? should I follow the tunic or the dress?" immediate response. Looking forward to trying that too!

  2. I've flaked out on the past two sew alongs but this time I vow to take a stab at one or both of the tops. I already have my fabric and bias tape all picked out for the summer nightie. I was just waiting for the proper motivation to get started and I guess this is it!

  3. It's the royal "we." Because you're still being British.


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