Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Farmshare Project: Week 5

Since I'm going to be peacing out of this joint all early birdly tomorrow morning for my yearly escape with Africankelli, I'm doing the Farmshare Project deal today.

Early. For you people.

Because I love you and don't want you buried under a monster pile of chard.

Not that I'm providing any new chard recipes (here's an old one), but you know. Maybe you're afraid of radishes. WHATEVER. You have your problems and I'm here to not-really solve them by telling you what I did with *my* farmshare last week so maybe that will help.

Last week's box had:
Fava beans
Green garlic
Lettuce (bagged baby lettuce mix)
Red radishes

And their fate was:
We ate them
Broccoli: We got broccoli? I assume we ate this somehow because it's gone. Though I don't recall the actual meal. Magic broccoli!
Carrots: Book club salad
Escarole: Book club salad
Green garlic: Book club salad
Fava beans: Fava hummus!
Lettuce (bagged baby lettuce mix): Book club salad
Red radishes: Book club salad and radish sandwiches (vague recipe below)
Spinach: Sauteed with garlic and olive oil and added to leftover Thai take out (spicy peanut curry).
Strawberries: Sliced and served with Green and Black's chocolate for dessert one night. (Thank you, Lera for the recco on the chocolate. GOOD.)

We stored them

We let our neighbors take them all

We got more from our neighbors even though we didn't really need it but it looked good and the season's so sort that why not, right?
Fava beans (also went into the hummus)

Now, I realize that there's not a lot of help in this post regarding new recipes and What the F do I do with X vegetable, but that's the beauty that farmsharers come to realize like I did: It doesn't take long to work the vegs into different meals and things so that suddenly you really aren't all freaked out about the share showing up every week.

Perhaps I'm jaded this week because we're giving the whole share to our neighbors because I'm going to be out of town until next week (drinking vacationing with Kelli) and we all know that the only thing Bubba will eat while I'm out of town will be the latest combination of the five ingredients at Taco Bell, but still - I'm not all that scared of our share any more.

I wasn't even scared when two sets of neighbors approached me coyly while hiding giant sacks of fava beans behind their backs because HEY - I know what to do with a lot of fava beans, people, and that is: The Most Un-Cinco de Mayo Dinner ever!

Sadly, I forgot to download the photos of said dinner from my fancy camera that lives at home rather than my purse (the little digital lives in there - I can't be without a camera.), so I can't show you just yet, but maybe I'll remember one day and post the photos.

ANYWAY, The Most Un-Cinco de Mayo dinner was: 2 small radish sandwiches, fava hummus on matzoh and a gin and tonic.

And if you're curious how to make a radish sandwich, my way (which is probably the wrong way, but what do you want? I'm not French. Fuck off.) is to slice up some baguette, slide on some room temp butter, sprinkle on some kosher salt, stack up the radish rounds, cover with the other buttered slice of baguette and MOW intently.

Some of the radishes fall out, but you can quickly cram them back in your face and keep moving on the sandwich that only gets better as you go. And, while you don't have to eat fava hummus with your sandwiches, it does enhance the Super Vegetable Dinner significantly. Plus, the sharp Green flavor of the hummus works well with the semi-spicy radish sandwich, so there's that. And you're eating matzoh at a time other than Passover which gives the whole experience a pleasant absurdity that I enjoy.

Sure - you could PUT the hummus ON the sandwich, but then you wouldn't get to eat butter and since we're not all on Lipitor yet, I say go for it with the butter.

My doctor may disagree, but I haven't gotten any formal orders yet, so I'm sticking with the butter. But I'm eating way less meat! Hear that Doctor Whore? I haven't had bacon since January! Please lay the fuck off me when I'm in to see you next, kay?


Anyway, enjoy your sandwiches, hummus, matzoh (if you have it hanging around in your pantry, too, making you feel all Super Jewy), gin and - if you're allowed - bacon. I will be back next week with a recount of our 5th (already? Wow. We actually ARE doing this every year. Go us.) annual Girls' Trip To a New Place.

Please cross your fingers that we get the Accuweather forecast...

...rather than the iGoogle, Weather Channel or Wunderground one.

Though, now that I've said all that, I'm sure we'll end up with something much worse.

And, hey, while I'm randomly talking about the weather, look at this weird photo I took the other day when I drove over the line in the calendar dividing April from May.

The world's way of saying, "You're going the wrong way, douchebag."


  1. Really? No bacon since January? That seems . . .inhuman, somehow.

    Maybe you can sneak in some bacon on your trip. What are vacations for but to indulge, right?

    Safe travels, and I'll keep my fingers crossed for good weather for you.

  2. So I know you're pretty much done with the whole chard thing....but here's a recipe that we actaully look forward to.
    The picture's not that ugly in real life. I add extra tomatoes and sometimes use feta instead of goat cheese...cause that's how I roll.

    Also on the bacon thing...Applegate Farms makes a really good organic nitrate/nitrite free bacon they call Sunday Bacon. It alleviates a fair amount of guilt.

    Have a great trip.

  3. Wow. My triumph this week? I bought a bag of spinach for a recipe, and actually used it. Reading your farmshare updates really does make me think, "Surely we could do this!"

    The variety here, though...not so diverse. We shall see.

    Have fun on your big adventure -- can't wait to hear the post-trip report!


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