Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thankfully, I don't judge a place by its cops.

Since I decided to extend my post-race break week through this morning's run, I will get my exercise today in the form of typing about the exercise I did get over the weekend, in the form of hiking. In Idaho. With Africankelli.

And, since you know me so well already, I'm not going to deny that much of my exercise also came in the form of me procuring gin, diet tonic and buckets of hotel ice for vacay G&Ts.

That's exercise, y'all, and I don't want to hear otherwise. I had to walk in my robe and slippers all the way down to the lodge bar and then carry back a heavy bucket of ice to our room EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

I don't know how I manage. Honestly.

I very much liked Idaho.

Though, more specifically, I liked Boise, Ketchum and Sun Valley.

We did lunch and shopping in Boise followed by driving through a lot of scrub brush nothingness until we got to Bellevue > Hailey > Ketchum > Sun Valley.

I accept this lunch of local trout, beer and the Idaho potato.

Wherein I was pulled over for speeding in a rental car > we imagined we saw Bruce Willis > ate, drank, shopped, rode bikes, hiked, hot spring-ed and made lewd comments about their river (Big Wood) > ate, drank, spa-ed, hiked and tried not to get too close to The Dangerous Swans, respectively.

You can totally sense their bloodthirst.

Before we go on, though, I'd like you to know that while I was pulled over for speeding (though, is 38 considered speeding? I kinda don't think so.), I don't think it's possible that I was actually speeding since I was:

A. Pulling out of a gas station from a dead stop.
B. Driving a gutless POS rental car with 65 horsepower.

But, since the gutless POS had the added feature of a flashing, "Hi! I'm a tourist! Fuck with me!" sign on its hood, to the side of the road I went with the bubble lights of the state police just a-flashin' behind me. After which I endured a session of 20 questions the likes of which I've never known and was accused of being Suspicious with a capital, "S", even though there was, for once, ZERO suspicious activity going on in the car.

Meanwhile, Ketchum and Sun Valley were groovy.

That's Kelli viewing Ketchum from her spaceship's front deck.

We hiked some of the infamous Mount Baldy and around the Sun Valley hills.

A wild beast made that footprint. Fun.

I got Kelli all liquored up with local booze.

Bardenay Gin - Good.
Drinking in the bathtub - BETTER.

Drinking in bed - best.

We rode bikes around. (Though they didn't have cup holders to accommodate our cocktails. Boo.)

I put my foot in hot water made naturally from springs that smell like farts.

We sat in big chairs because it seemed like the thing to do and I'm sure no one else has ever done this before.

We put on clothes other than hiking ones and went out in public to find cocktails and food.

There was also a good bit of shopping, which was made all the better by this apparent season called, Slack, where all the tourists abandon town between ski season and summer and leave freaks like us to shop killer deals and eat Slack-priced meals without making reservations or having to lock up our skis.
If you're a spaz and like being surrounded by tons of annoying tourists, please, by all means, go to Sun Valley in the On Season, and I'll take this same town when it's sleepy and friendly and offering me 20% off of the awesomest sweater coat I've ever seen/bought/wearing right now.

It was a grand time in keeping with our yearly tradition of girlish debauchery and Kelli has even more photos if you're interested in seeing these same pictures from another angle and with better composition.

And now I'm going to go sober up because I've got a fishing trip soon which will involve me drinking like a fish rather than me catching any fish and after this grand weekend when I became closely acquainted with the new adult beverage known as a Gin Buck, I need some time off from the bottle.

Wow. I didn't realize how much of a lush I sound like until just right then.


  1. I don't get the potato on the plate with the trout. Is it like a giant, long potato chip?

    Meanwhile, those fries I would TOTALLY GET. If I could.

    Welcome home.

  2. I've never had a G&T. I am only now comfortable with admitting this in public. *Shame*

    YAY for Idaho! I've never been but have always wanted to go there. It's on my "see it one day and maybe get out of the car" list.

  3. Yeah, but you're a funny lush, so it's ok. And I'm betting you ran right home and tried to get Bubba how to make you one of those jumbo chairs in cowboy boots, huh? 'Cause what would go better with the campfire(pit)??? Hmmmm????

  4. i love our trips. these photos are SO SO fun. I am not so discreetly going to ask you to print a couple of these jems for my new office. I need me some finny.

  5. I am certain you are right that nobody has ever sat in those chairs. let alone sat in them and had their photo taken. TRAIL BLAZERS you are!

    Sounds like such a fun trip. Missoula next year? x


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