Thursday, May 13, 2010

Biking to work and other unrelated topics.

Today is Bike to Work Day, for those of you who haven't already been bludgeoned to death with its forthcoming as I have, and while I would have loved to ride my fab bike to work today, I instead chose to drive my car because LO the car wash service is back on campus and TEE DAH my car is covered in bird doots and filled with Jada hair.

It is impossible for my car to be grosser than this. It needs a bath pretty bad. And vacuuming. And waxing. And, truth be told, it could use a new headlight and a big hug, but we're not going to push our luck with the car wash guy. He's so super friendly and plays reggae at 8 am and I love it so I'm not going to be insulting his good humor by requesting he embrace my vehicle in such a way. That would be rude.


But, since everyone around here was all drunk with I'M RIGHTEOUS FOR BIKING TO WORK WITH ALL MY COWORKERS I wrongly assumed that the roads would be free and clear but sadly that was not the case. Even I, with my carpooly stickers, encountered some incredible traffic on the freeway and I think that's the world's way of saying, SUCKAH.

Or, since the world isn't a bitter bitch like I am, it's probably just a gentle reminder about the fact that I keep saying I'm going to "ride my bike once the weather gets nicer" and, yes thank you, the weather is officially "nice", now.

So what is this post about? Who the hell knows!

I mean, it's a little bit about how I've been hiding my purchase of a road bike from y'all for some time now and also how I have been quietly considering moving my butt into multisport events like a duathlon since I closed the books on the sub-60 10K, and in order to train for such things I've thought whimsically of riding my bike to work even though it's kinda far (15 miles each way) and I'm sure I'll get creamed by something useless like a Ford Focus or at least fall off my bike in front of other people, so there you go.

1. I have a road bike. Now you know.
2. I am thinking about signing up for a duathlon. If you've done one and have thoughts on it, now's the time to spill your shit.
3. I've been clicking around in Google Maps using the new Bike feature trying to find a workable route. 
4. There's no Farmshare Project this week because, if you'll remember, I was off gallivanting drunkenly with Africankelli last week so gave the whole share to my neighbors since Bubba had to defend the Taco Bell empire with his stomach. Scary.

Not that the farmshare has anything to do with getting my buns on the bike, but you're flexible like that and I imagine you can take the wild swings in my consciousness.

Also! I saw one of my purple podded pole beans grab on to its line today, so there's that. Garden update, too! CAN YOU HANDLE IT?

Sorry, maybe that was too much in one post.


  1. I totally love when the beans grab on. Last year I planted sunflowers at the ends of my beans and they grabbed onto those too... that was even cooler...maybe I need to get a life?

  2. Congrats on the road bike! That is good to know about the bike google maps feature.

    I am SO GLAD Bubba was able to defend the Taco Bell empire. I do love their nacho supreme after a night of adult beverages. :)


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