Thursday, September 04, 2008

Update on my melons [SHORT]

I'm going to knock off two birds with one stone here.

First - I'm going to try to write a shortish post per Bubba's recent suggestion.

Second - I'm going to update you all on the glory of my melons. Yes, let's all laugh briefly at that statement. I'm very humble.

If you'll remember, when we last checked in on my melons (tee hee, this never gets old for me, just so you know) they were undergoing some kind of miraculous rebirth. Perhaps they were glad to have me out of town on vacation where I couldn't probe them inappropriately, or perhaps the bugs stopped bothering them.

Who can say?

Anyway, there were six melons looking very happy-ish in the garden and I was hopeful. Not counting my eggs before they were hatched hopeful, but more like crossing my fingers and hoping for the best hopeful.

It was apparently a good strategy because somehow, despite nightmares to the contrary (I had a nightmare two nights ago about my melons shriveling (HA) on the vine and all dying at once. It was very scary and sad.), the melons have finally ripened and are, alas, VERY TASTY.

In fact, I can now even tell you people who asked (sorry, can't remember exactly who or when) that you know these Midget Melons are ripe exactly the same way as when you know regular sized cantaloupes are ripe - they turn yellowish on the skin and smell like cantaloupe. Plus, they pop really easily off their vines.

Well, then.

Isn't that nice that they are consistent despite their size? I'm sure there's some sort of philosophical theme I could derive here, but I'm not that contemplative right now.

HOWEVER, I have decided that there is still much beauty in this whole scenario:
  1. My Midget Melon experiment was successful and the plants didn't die.
  2. I managed to fend off a barrage of advancing bugs.
  3. The melons ripened, so now I know when they're ripe and can stop picking them with they're green and bitter. Whoopsy.
  4. They are truly delicious and single serving sized which is, at once, convenient, efficient and adorable. A fruity trifecta, if you will.
So, the update/status of my melons (one final HEE HEE) is that they are great. Tried and tasted great. In fact, I'm eating one right now because I brought it for someone at work who I didn't end up seeing so whoopsy I'm totally eating her melon.


Anyway, if you're looking for melons to grow next year and you want ones that have a compact growth habit (vines 3-ish feet) and single-serving sized fruits - I can now endorse the Minnesota Midget as being a fine fruit for Zone 8-9 climates.

Ok, was that short enough?


  1. Hurray, I love melon updates. Those look fantastic, and I'm really craving some melons right about now. Or some cupcakes. mmm.

  2. We have some very nice melons in the garden that look beautiful and taste like ..... water. blech

  3. I wish I had little melons like that . . . HAHAHAHA. Sorry.

  4. Very Impressive! Those are some mighty fine melons. (I'm so holding my melon tongue here, 'cause after all this could be a family blog.) Anyhoo, I always thought melons were hard to grow, so bow to your gardening talent!

  5. Your melons look cute, small and perky.


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