Tuesday, August 05, 2008

No I did not go on a zipline tour so please do not even ask.

I didn't realize until I started planning this trip that everyone in the whole wide world except for Bubba and I associate Costa Rica with zipline tours.

Seriously. Everyone I mentioned this trip to immediately asked with rapt and breathless excitement OH MY GOD ARE YOU GOING ON A ZIPLINE TOUR?! And then sometimes they'd add BECAUSE IT WAS THE BEST THING I DID IN COSTA RICA AND IT WAS SO FUN!

As though I need to go sliding through the jungle canopy like so many pounds of flailing tourist with a harness digging into my lady parts.

As though.

Also I'm pretty sure they don't let you zipline while drinking a G&T, which made the possibility of it happening pretty damn slim given our daily routine which went something like this:

Wake up at a random hour.

Walk to the beach.

Swim around.

Walk back to the house.
Take a shower.
Eat an enormous breakfast courtesy of The Vacation Breakfast Chef also known as Bubba.

Take a nap while pretending to read my book.
Eat an enormous lunch courtesy of The Vacation Lunch Chef also known as me.
Sit on the balcony with my book until the afternoon storm rolled in indicating Cocktail Hour (approx 2pm).

Enjoy an enormous cocktail (or two) courtesy of The Vacation Bartender also known as Bubba.
Watch the storm while pretending to read my book.
Eat an enormous dinner courtesy of The Vacation Dinner Chef also known as me.

Watch some tube en espanol or last season of Dexter on DVD.
Go for a nighttime swim.
Bed time.

See? Where would one fit in zipline tours or any other "Vacation Activity"? Simply put, there's no time in our busy vacation schedule of lazing about for things such as this.

Plus, we don't like to talk to other people when we're on vacation and those kind of activities always involve some overweight psychopath in a Hawaiian shirt describing in great detail how he goes diving and lures fish toward him by carrying orange slices in a waterproof cigarette case. For example.

We have plenty of crazy to share between the two of us, so you can just keep your activities to yourself and I'm so glad that zipline touring changed your life, yippie wippy wippy.

We just prefer our own brand of vacation activity-ing and we realize that it is unconventional and, to everyone else, it seems pretty boring and weird.

For instance, we played a very heated game of Surface Tension whereby I was forced to stealthily slurp my orange juice without spilling it after someone filled the glass to its super-fullest. For the record, someone spilled his juice all over the counter whoopsy I feel so bad:

Then we totally dominated the game known to us as Final Feast where we spend the last day of vacation eating every last thing in the fridge so that we don't leave it for the sexy Mexican maid:

And we also had a knock-down drag out battle of Bs&Gs which I summarily lost because I am not from the midwest like someone who has been building up his stamina for this sport of biscuit and gravy eating since youth:

Don't get all WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM THEY'RE ON VACATION JUST PLAYING STUPID GAMES or anything - we did some normal stuff.

Like we swam around some beaches other than just the one right down the path from us and had a nice anniversary dinner at a restaurant where there were other people so that I could have lobster and we could watch the sunset and then we drove around to some of the recommended locations to see how AWESOME they were.


And so that I don't close out this post with a picture of the dead fish on the AWESOME beach, see if you can find the rainbow in this picture because I took a hundred shots trying to get it and, well, they didn't turn out so hot which is probably because I was taking them from the car and it was raining.

Thank you, Costa Rica, but we're glad to be home. Mama can't eat another plate of Bs&Gs and hope to fit into her 7's.


  1. That sounds just lovely. Please tell me you bought more than one bottle each of BS and MM or else I will feel like a total vacation LUSH. ;)

  2. Oh you crack me up. It's so nice to have you back!

  3. Aww yeah. Now that's how you take a vacation! When we went on our honeymoon, everyone had a different activity that we simply "had" to try. If it didn't involve eating, swimming, or lounging (which none of them did), they didn't make the cut. Does that make us lame? Do I care?

    Anyway, welcome back, Finny! Sounds like a fabulous week.

  4. That is so not what I've pictured Bubba to look like in my head. Yours was a very excellent vacation. Jealous. Although, I would have ziplined. Because I am the fat tourist that is annoying and talks to everyone.

  5. Yay! It's The Return of Finny.

    Your vacation looks great. I think our vacation would have been improved by a few more gin and tonics and a few less hours of driving.

    The big question, though: How did your garden fare in your absence?

  6. The water looks so blue and gorgeous! What a fun trip. (And, i love that pic of the coffee cup with your hubby in the background.)

  7. Welcome home! I love your idea of a vacation, sounds like a perfect trip. Husband and I do very similar when we go to the Big Island, only we have margaritas instead of G&Ts and we don't do B&G (because my Bs look like break pads and my G is rather like glue).

  8. Here's the thing. I've done the zipline (in Hawaii, not Costa Rica). And it's fun and all but no funner than anything else one does on vacation on a tropical island. In fact, I got kind of bored by the end.

    Your vacation schedule sounds beautiful, btw. Unfortunately my husband can't sit still and if forced to do nothing on vacation drives me insane. So we pack EVERYTHING into our trips - go, go, go!

  9. You totally got the smushing your lady parts right with the zip line. While it was fun and I'd probably do it again, I walked like a cowboy for a week.
    Otherwise, yet another post that makes me want to eat. Holy moly does all that look great.
    And while you are printing me photos -- I really LOVE the first one. It is stellar.

  10. Sounds like the perfect vacation and just in case we weren't positive our men were similar the B & G love makes it undeniable.

  11. I just left a comment and it isn't there....are you editing me, Finny? heh. Here it is again:

    Just in case we weren't positive our men were cut from the same cloth, the B & G love sealed the deal.


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