Friday, September 12, 2008

Running update: Off schedule

Someone asked for a running update, and by someone I really mean someone because they posted their comment anonymously so they could be anyone! Or someone.

You know.

And since I'm not one to keep my anonymous readers in suspense over the very technical schedule I'm running, the running update is this: when I last ran my 10 mile run (last Saturday), I ran it 2 minutes faster than the time before that (2 Saturdays ago).

Which is something I'm calling progress because my other running update news isn't as encouraging.

See, while I was out running this 2-minutes-faster 10 miles and all not dying or anything, I suddenly realized OH SHIT I'm running 10 miles and that must mean that the race is close and then I realized - LO - it is 3 weeks away.


Yes, even as I redid the math in my head (and on my fingers, fine, I admit to running and counting on my fingers) I still came out with the same number - 3 more Saturday runs to train for this thing and WAITAMINUTE I am only running 10 miles right now.

What about the I can't do it if I haven't seen myself doing it that made me run 12 miles before last year's race? What ABOUT that anyway?

Well, these were among the things rattling around in my head while I trekked through my run and by the time I got home I'd written a check My Tomorrow Self will be cashing as I'd decided that I should just add a mile a week to my long runs and then, no worries, I'll be all ready to run 13.1 on race day.

Because jumping from two 10 mile runs to an 11 miler and then the next week to a 12 miler and then the next week to a 13.1 miler is LIKE WICKED EASY AND FINE.

That is all in caps there because I do not believe it to be true. In case you couldn't sense my sarcasm.

Easy or not though, I can't see getting to Race Day (also known as the Day I May Shame Myself Publicly) having only run 10 miles in training, not knowing for sure whether my This Year Self is up to par with my Last Year Self and able to run a respectable time. Which, for the record is any time faster than 2:35:28.

And that, my friends, is the root of all my evil right now (big root, yes I know ha ha ha YOU'RE VERY FUNNY) - the scary thing about doing the second half marathon is my fear of Sophomore Syndrome.

When you run your first one it's like, WHOOPIE! I finished! Who gives a crap how fast (or in my case, slow) I ran it? It's done and I did not die or disqualify myself with extreme shame. Score one for me! But with that second half marathon - there are a whole new batch of worries in addition to what if I die and what if I shame myself so irretrievably that even the dog won't kiss me at the finish line?

Specifically, what if run it slower than last year?

Does that count as public shame? I mean, the number is going to be right up there with 10,000 other times just for anyone's eyeballs to see. What if it says 2:35:29??

I'm actively nauseous at the thought.

But, alas, there are some things keeping me going. Specifically, the glorious month of October when I *may* not run at all. Like, I might not run even shortie runs during the week. What if I did that? Can you imagine the scandal? I know. It's heart-stopping.

Also nice is the fact that, as of this moment, I don't have any serious injuries keeping me from training like I did last year. Yes, I have a remnant bruise "under the armor" (as Bubba calls it) of my kneecap from falling over a dog gate at work (long story) that still likes to haunt me around the 1 hour mark and I did manage to pull a muscle under my boob during strength training in the gym this week (where do these muscles come from?), but I don't have any blisters or crippling pain and my knees aren't threatening to collapse and neither are my hips, which are all signs I see as positive.

So, tomorrow morning, while the stars are still out and the fog is still wrapped around San Jose like a cozy not-sweaty blanket (Sun - you stay away!), I am going to trot out my 11 miler with my Camelbak and Luna Moons and new tunes (yes, I'm getting frivolous with the iTunes purchases at this point and I don't care to be criticised) and fantasize about sleeping in on a Saturday morning in one month's time.

Oh my god the luxury of it all.


  1. Don't psych yourself out! If you can run 10, you can run 13! You'll make it, I'm sure. And then, take October off! I always run on race high for about a month after my half marathons and then I lose ALL INTEREST for about six weeks. Sucks. I try to get out for shorties but it's work. I try to get my down time to happen around Jan 1 because no one wants be freeze her butt off at 5 a.m. in January, you know?

    Good luck - I know you'll do well, whether you PR or not!

  2. Are you kidding me? You RULE!

  3. You are running so much longer and so much faster than I ever have.
    Of course, I don't run...but that's not the point. You are doing it and can do it and I can't wait to hear your results. Cause you are 100% doing what I can't, won't...

  4. Ok. I will be there to greet you next Sat. when you come back after the 12 miles (would it be 12 next Sat? I'm not even counting on my fingers here so bear with me)... maybe I'll even get a pot of tea going. I will not be running because I am not capable of doing anything better than the losers 16 minute walking mile (but I speak Italian, does that count?), but I can make a mean pot of tea. So... see you soon!

  5. Only ten miles? God, you're such a slacker.

    I was planning on taking October off from running, myself. As well as November-September.

  6. Bitch. Fine, taunt me with your runningness. Fine. So I get weak walking to the kitchen for a glass of milk. So I couldn't run 10 feet, let alone 10 miles. So what? I hell, I can't do much. But I've been sick, dammit!

    Thanks for giving me something to aim for. Once I'm all well and better and can actually eat, I'm going to -- oh who the hell am I kidding? I'm never going to run anywhere unless some guy with a knife is chasing me.

  7. I was so surprised at how much easier subsequent half-marathons were after the first. Just know you'll rock it sister.

    And, 13.1 isn't much more than 10. It's like 10 extra songs on your ipod...

    Hope your morning run went smooth and you are basking in your garden, post- Perfect 11 mile run.

  8. Your awesome in my book, that is why I have given you an award. Hope you'll visit my blog and claim it!

  9. elinor - Thank you! I guess I do know I can do it, but I psych myself out. And I do the same thing after the race. I get all, "I'm in race shape now, I SHOULD run" and then I burn out.

    Kathi - You're so sweet - thank you for that.

    Claudia - As long as my results don't include "horrible failure" I am excited to hear them, too.

    Shelley - I look forward to post-race tea - that's the best kind!

    Kristin - You're a funny one. You know, running keeps you warm...

    Decca - Let's just focus on you getting better and also reinforcing the security system at your house so there's no knife wielding maniacs for you to run from.

    Dig - You were right on there - I did bask in a perfect 11 mile run in the garden! And I'm going to remember you said that the subsequent halfs are easier than the first. That might just keep me going.

    Reeni - I have to go check this out...!! Thank you!


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