Friday, September 19, 2008

Running update: So profesh

So, it's funny how I got myself all psyched up to run 12 miles this week because WELL I totally ran 12 miles last year before this race so I better do it this year, too.

Except, no.

Thankfully I have this blog to remind me when I'm full of shit. Like the time I said I ran 12 miles before last year's race which WHOOPSY I totally did not because I was injured and, until now, had totally forgotten about that.


And ever since I realized this error in my very technical training schedule while trying to plot out a Brand New Never Done Before 12 Mile Route, I've been considering not doing it this year either.

Because why? Why put myself through that extra mile when 11 miles is already pretty far and, plus, what if it gives me the poops again? 12 miles could be worse! I could start barfing, too! Or something else filthy could happen like a permanent runny nose or I could develop the condition known as hot dog fingers.


Really, now. This is perhaps my Inner Lazy trying to win out. We're getting close to the race and I'm semi-burnt on this whole spend two+ hours of your Saturday morning running all over town so you can be exhausted all day thing and I am thinking a lot more about the race being over than the race being underway, which is what I probably *should* be thinking about, but I'm not.

I didn't even do the sweat through my work clothes thing when I opened the race packet from the mail the other day. Which is what I did last year. While I was not running my 12 miler due to injury.

It was a stressful time.

So, I'm at a crossroads and considering my Tomorrow Morning options:
  • Run the 12 mile route as planned one week ago during a moment of obvious insanity 
  • Run the 11 mile route from last week and try not to feel guilty
  • Run 0 miles and sleep in! Blissful sleep, I miss you!
  • Run 0 miles and sleep in and feel painfully guilty until the race comes and I inevitably die during the Untrained Mile 12. 
I'm going to go eat some pizza (oh yes, this is my pre-run dinner of choice because I'm so technical and profesh) and mull my options. I'll let you know how it pans out.

This is how the dog mulls things. Also, very technical.


  1. Sleep. I will always vote for sleep. But if it'll help, I'll offer to do the vomiting for you. I've had lots of experience.

  2. So? What'd you go with? Sleep and guilt, or pain and virtuouness?

  3. I vote sleep since that's what I did on Saturday morning. And I need someone to feel not guilty with.

  4. Well?? Did you do it???

    (What are hot dog fingers? Should I be afraid to ask?)

  5. You can do it girlie! But if it were me. . i'd vote for sleep! I'm Just sayin' . . .

  6. You totally ran the 12 miles, didn't you? As a member-of-the-tribe myself, I'm sure the guilt would've set in the night before if you decided to sleep in and not run at all, only slightly assuaged by running a MERE 11 miles.

    Me, Saturday morning? I was having sex. No guilt there.

  7. You did it, didn't you? Ran the 12 miles. Then you collapsed into a heap and haven't moved since. :)
    I'm impressed by people who can run.

  8. So? How did it go? I was telling my parents this weekend about last week's run. And the runs. Poor thing.


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