Thursday, March 10, 2011

A random update before I blow town

Tomorrow morning I take off for AfricankelliLand and Land of Dodger Ass-kicking, which is also known as Scottsdale, AZ.

I will be spending the long weekend soaked in some of my purest forms of happiness: best of best friends, free-flowing booze and easy conversation, sunshine, pool and spa time, hugging god kids and BASEBALL.

Dudes, I've wanted to go to see my boys play at Spring Training for my whole life. And, even when I lived in AZ, I never went. I think because I was very broke and Scottsdale Stadium is not free (rude). So, now that I'm not devastatingly broke but instead living in another state (rude), I'm trekking my way back to the Land of 6.5 Million Sunburns to sit in the stands at Scottsdale Stadium with one of my long-timer friends and a big beer to cheer for my boys and the otherwordly ass-crushing they will be handing out to the pussy Dodgers.

Hey Dodger fans - SUCK IT.

So, yes. Right now I am very pleased with life. In just 48 hours' time, I will be wearing a tank top and flip-flops, drinking cocktails with two of my long-timer friends (AfricanKelli being one, of course) and fantasizing about my first baseball outing of the 2011 season to see the World Champion Giants kill some blue-wearing douchebags.


Meanwhile, I wanted to update you of the supplement-curious ranks on the condition of my noggin since I've now been solidly immersed in my crazy person supplement regimen for 15 weeks.

Update: 100% migraine free.

Feel free to cheer if you like. I certainly do. Every single morning that I wake up and DON'T have a drill burrowing its way into the base of my skull, I cheer. OK, well, I just rest peacefully through my third snooze button, but that's a lot like cheering.

Mostly because it's not at all like having to get up and wander mostly nude to the hall closet to cast about desperately hand-looking for my Imitrex inhaler with my eyes closed BECAUSE OF THE PAIN.

See, my mornings are not like that at all now. Though they certainly do involve a good amount of casting about, but it's just for the snooze button.

Hi, Snooze Button - be bigger, OK?

So yeah, for anyone who was wondering whether I gave up on my big Vitamin Appetizer, I'm here to tell you that I have not. And this weekend, while I attend the ritualistic slaying of the LA Douchebags, I will be taking my supplements with a good dose of celebratory ballpark beer and hot dogs.

Because if nothing else, one must celebrate being migraine free for over three months. Also, Dodger-killing.

Go Giants & Vitamins.


  1. I was told it was 86 degrees in Tucson yesterday, which means about 90 in Phoenix. Perfect beer weather.

    I know I don't need to tell you to have fun. You will.

  2. 1. I went to the new scottsdale stadium last weekend (is that where you're going?) and while it is gorgeous and the weather was stunning, I have to warn you: it was very very boring. Sporting events are a total snoozefest, just FYI.

    2. I totally bought the vitamins you take that deal with the PMS issues and took them for a month and omg, NO PMS. no cramps, nothing. and then i got lazy and didn't for a month and had THE WORST CRAMPS EVER. so now i'm convinced and back on them. thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Mom Taxi - Thanks! I intend to have a lot of it!

    Kris - I will absorb some sunshine for you :)

    Mini - Oh my dear - you know I love boring sporting events. I mean, I watch baseball on TV after all. I also intend to get nice and drunk, so that will be amusing for someone. AND I'm glad the supplements are helping with your PMS, though, you've confirmed my suspicion that if I were to stop taking them my body would revolt and I'd probably have a hundred migraines at once.

    So, lesson learned. Thank you for t hat.

  4. Yay! for no migraines. Seriously. That is so fantastic.

  5. Go Giants and Vitamins and GIANT VITAMINS. And giant margaritas. And giant pool chairs. And giant gelato. And giant leeks. And giant hugs. Because I just left you and miss you already. xoxo


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