Friday, March 18, 2011

When life gives you tornados, make daffodils.

We got a tornado warning and then I nearly met my end slipping on godonlyknowswhat in the kitchen today, so since everything's completely jacked already, I figure putting up a super random post is at least acceptable, if not totally apropos.

So, as far as random goes, here's some random Spring, in case there are funnel clouds touching down in your neighborhood even though you don't live in Kansas.

We should really have been cut and put inside for this weather.

I was told it was Spring. Who lied?

I am too dainty for the likes of funnel clouds.

I'm California's state flower, not Kansas's.

We have nothing to say on the matter.

Perhaps I should be nailing up plywood over this door.

I got nothing.

Pretty sure the bird bath is going to crest soon.

Strawberry. That's all I got.

And then, if you care to read on to more randomness, allow me to share a short little story about two meek tiny women who stood hovering endlessly and unmoving around the desserts in the cafe today, simply pointing and making small yumyum noises while I tried to stand patiently behind them to get the cannoli I'd been staring at since the moment I came in to get my lunch.

When they refused to either move, reach meaningfully for any dessert item or disa-FUCKING-ppear, I finally reached around them and took what I wanted.

And then received the four pronged stare of the mightily jealous.

They made it try to look like they were appalled that I'd circumvent their presence in order to get at the desserts, but really I know they were deeply sad that they themselves weren't going to indulge in a cannoli the size of my thumb. Because OH you know that will go right to my toothpick thighs, Heidi and what not.

I think you know that I took that weeny cannoli down in two bites right in front of their gaunt faces and also, BONUS, felt zero guilt because I barely had any lunch. Then I took another dessert because, why not, let's see if we can get these girls to pass out from their envy.

Then I walked out of the cafe and, without spilling my drink, skiied halfway across the cafe's entrance atop an errant Ihavenoideawhat that had the tenacity to be waiting for my sharp boot heel.


Now my hip flexor feels weird. And I have a race tomorrow. And we have tornado warnings. And daffodils.

There - that about sums up the randomness of this day, don't you think?

Happy weekends, out there.


  1. Uh. I hope your hip flexor feels better by tomorrow? I don't actually know what that is, but I'm sure a fully functioning one would be helpful when running up inclines.

    Also, one of my favorite lines in a song, from Miranda Lambert's "Only Prettier": "I'll keep drinkin', and you'll keep gettin' skinnier. I'm just like you, only prettier."

  2. A hip flexor sounds like something you'd get during a hip replacement? Like a rubber thingie that moves your hip.

    But don't die in your race. Also, try to not run into a tornado. I mean, you're not Dorothy.

  3. yikes, your run must be soaked (if it's today and i may be wrong about this) but hopefully your hip flexor is okay and you probs know best how to stretch it out but i am queen of hip stretches just for future reference--and I Totally know what you mean about when you nearly fall but don't and pull those damn things.

    Guess what? There is kale growing in my new Berkeley backyard and I need to learn how to take care of it and the other lovely plant life out there . . .

    Hail last night! Freezing! Have an extra post-race order of fries and a cocktail or something to warm up!

  4. That Karma is a bitch lol. Gets me every time I lose my patience too ;)

    This weather sucks! I hope you made it through the race ok.

  5. Oh and can you post a picture of the whole front yard? I'm interested to see what it looks like!

  6. YOU had tornado warnings??? What's this world coming to Ms. Finny? Did you hunker down in the bathtub? And your birdbath cresting comment cracked me up!

  7. Kris - It's that muscle that stretches over your hip to the top of your thigh. Thankfully it didn't act up for the race. OR I was just too cold to notice.

    Sara - No dying. No tornadoes. Success!

    Mom Taxi - Yes, thank you and yes! I have taken a few front yard photos and will post them soon with a little Front Yard Meadow recap. It's looking good!

    Anna - Yeah. I think they were after Bubba. They look for Kansans you know.



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