Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekend of Great Denial

My Weekend of Great Denial was absolutely fabulous, thanks for asking.

In denial of what, you ask? I'll tell you in a minute.

First, look at these nice photos of me being happy in sunshiney weather.

There are ZERO things not to love about this photo.
So fucking sunny. I won't lie. I got a little red of the shoulders.
Hint: We're the home team so YAY!
Love to lie by the pool SO MUCH. (Photo courtesy of Africankelli.com)
Also, love to root on my friends while THEY run in 85 degree heat and I stand around SO MUCH. Go Donk! (Photo courtesy of Africankelli.com)

So, yeah - good weekend.

While the foretold "Dodger Crushing" wasn't much of a crushing but more like a stern reminder of who WAS the World Champs (Hint: Awesome Giants) and who WAS NOT (Hint: Shitty Dodgers), everything else went exactly and perfectly to plan.

I saw two of my best friends for extended periods of time during which we clucked like mother hens, drank a bit of good booze (big love to Daily Dose on their brunch bloodies), warmed my winter-chilled skin and bones in the blast furnace of Scottsdale's spring weather (85 degrees in March? Really, now.), laid about next to the pool with my margarita, spa'd it up like a lady of leisure, hugged my god kids with all my muther effing might and had my #1 experience with Spring Training.

Word of warning: When the "Best available" seats that the online ticket site returns, "GA" in the section box, you may want to consider getting tickets elsewhere OR bringing a beach blanket and a LOT of sunscreen.

Why? Because once upon a time I purchased tickets in just such a manner only to have the usher refer to "GA" as "GRASS" and point us to the lawn. You know - like bleachers except without seats. Like, sit your fanny on the grass and roast, you no good out of towner. 

Thankfully my good pal Linda (see above) is an absolute trooper and a big baseball fan to boot, so the concept of sitting on the lawn for our baseball game was no biggie.

Sidenote: Big bonus to your friends having kids - they see any outing that doesn't involve them having to take care of another human being as AWESOME even if they have to sit on the grass at a baseball game with the direct sunlight beating down on their extremely fair skin.

And the game was awesome. We had big beers (why are they only sold 24 ounces at a time in Spring Training? It's hard to get to the bottom of that before it gets too warm. One must drink quickly.), toasted our winter white bods on beach towels, ate giant soft serve ice cream cones and hassled the Dodger douchebags warming up in the bullpen below us.

So, good times all around.

And a good way to live in denial of the fact that, while I was sitting my ass on the grass at the ballgame, I should have been performing my final training run before my 10K trail race this weekend.

And if you're saying, "What's the big deal, it's just a 10K?" right now, come over here so that I can punch your face.

Let me refresh your memory: this fucker has an elevation gain of 1400'. Also, as I came to find out in the email from the race directors this morning, there is also standing water, wet weather creeks and a lot of mud to contend with throughout the course.

Also - YAY - it's going to be raining.

So, you know, as I was lying about in Arizona, all blissed out on top shelf booze and sunshine, I was in no way preparing myself for the torture that is yet to come in the form of rain, elevation and mud.

Please, by all means, commence to crossing your fingers that I make it through this race and live to sit my ass on another sunny baseball field, because my Weekend of Great Denial was fantastic and this upcoming race is most certainly going to be otherwise.


  1. Wha? Grass ARE the best seats! Especially in spring training when it's not 108 yet. it's the only place I can sit because then it's appropriate to take a nap during the game.

  2. F- Do you want to finish or finish first? Certainly you've done some training for this thing. Your adrenaline will carry you though the challenging (wet) parts. Remember, "When the going gets tough...." You've known all along this was not going to be an easy feat......Good luck...T

  3. Oh "Giants" is a SPORTS reference, right? I thought you were still obsessing over melons... ;-)


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