Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Another reason to think mean things about me

So, I've gone back and forth about whether to let y'all in on my latest situation because everyone I've told about this situation has pretty much reacted the same way and this is the same way that makes me hate people.

That way is by saying, "It must be nice..." in that snarky evil way where you know they're finishing the sentence in a very mean way silently to themselves so that later they can huddle up in their evil house and talk MAJOR smack about how it must be nice to have XYZ or be XYZ or whathaveyou. (FYI: This is how the Shitty Neighbors got their name.)

This is probably one of the few phrases that can make me immediately hate someone. This and, you know, one where someone outrightly insults my mommy, Bubba or the dog.

Talk shit about the cat all you want.

But since you'll likely see evidence of my current situation here on the blog and because you all proved yourselves to be lovely supporters of my last Reason To Think Mean Things About Me, I've decided I trust you to not trot out that tired line in the comments unless you are ready for me to hate you with the hate of a thousand Rockets.

I know. That is a lot of hate. I just want you to be prepared.

So, what is this Reason To Think Mean Things About Me?

I'm on sabbatical.

For two months.

As in, I do not have to go to work at all during the two most beautiful months of the year and instead get to do just whatever the hell I want which will include but not be limited to; riding my bike to pilates, making every recipe that suits my fancy, crafting lots, racing out of state, beaching with the dog, visiting with my goddaughter, seeing a new-to-me national park with two of my best gals, gardening until I can garden no more, taking a course in beekeeping, etc.

So, yes. Before you can say anything (I like you all too much to let that happen), it IS nice.

And I realize, it's also a little crazy. Because the company for which I work is extremely generous and thoughtful with benefits and they believe that after a certain number of years of loyal service, you should be able to take a few months off to do whatever rejuvenates your personal soul.

Or something like that.

And, believe me, even *I* think it's a little ridic.

I mean, I'm barely out of my twenties and I've only been out in the professional working world for a decade and do I really *need* a sabbatical because isn't that something that only tenured professors get after a quarter century's worth of mind-numbing dedication and personal sacrifice?

I dunno.

But they're giving it to me, so I'm taking it. And I'm going to just go about doing whatever the hell rejuvenates this personal soul of mine for the next two months because, Hi - it's my job now.

So, alls I'm saying is that if you see lots more projects cropping up here or start to wonder how in the world I've racked up enough vacay time to travel to three states in two months, you'll know. It's because I'm on Must Be Nice Sabbatical and I'm using every last minute of it to rejuvenate my soul.

Or something like that.

So, who's ready to go the library? A lot of soul rejuvenation happens there, I've heard.


  1. Hells ya to a sabbatical! *must be nice* :)

    Do you have a Bucket list for these 2 months?? Do share.

  2. Funny, I'M on sabbatical too. For the past three years.

    Oh wait. No. I'm just unemployed. But happily so.

    ENJOY your sabbatical. YAY!

  3. Awesome! I often get the 'It must be nice' for the fact that I don't have to go off to a job everyday and many days the only thing that happens around our house is that Joey and I sit around and read. And, yes, tons of soul rejuvenation happens at the library.

    There. Now everyone can hate me instead of you.

  4. Hol-eeee Crap Finny! Could you please have your HR department call my HR department. 'Cause we could sure use something like that. There are many of us who have been working long enough to turn to stone and one of those sabbatical-thingies would surely loosen up the cement. Good For You -- Have a Fantastic Time!!!

  5. Hell, I don't have any ill thought towards you... just lots of ill thoughts towards ME for not deciding to do whatever it is that you do, as opposed to condemning myself for miserably working in a chemistry lab for the rest of my life!

    Enjoy it, lucky woman! (And I guess no excuses now for not finishing the sweater.)

  6. "Jealousy is like drinking poison and hoping that the OTHER person dies." Ha ha! I love that one! I want to hate your stinking guts for having such a fabulous couple of months ahead of you, but I am pretty sure that my hate will not cause a sabbatical to magically appear for myself...Others should realize that also! But seriously; Good for you! I LOVE your list of activities too. Very similar to what I would do!

  7. Very cool. Enjoy it lots!! And I've only been working part-time since moving to the Bay area. Soul rejuvenating is a great word for it--when I'm not trying to convince myself that I'm lazy for not looking harder for more work.

    p.s. I think we have cats for the sole purpose of talking shit about them. Nothing is more satisfying.

  8. Six years ago, I was laid off right after Christmas, and didn't go back to work until March. I looked at that time as my "sabbatical", and it *was* nice. It was just the best, and that's with the stress of not having a job to return to at the end. Live the dream, my friend!! Live it lazily and largely!

  9. Yow. Sounds like you have the best workplace ever. IIRC it's dog friendly too. Dude.

  10. I want a sabbatical. Not fair, so not fair!
    Just kidding about the so not fair probably is very fair. I am sure that your company deemed you absolutely worthy of a sabbatical and that is why they gave it to you. So...have fun, take in every single little minute thing you have ever thought of taking in (but didn't have the time).
    I really think it is cool that you are going to be a lady of leisure. Do you have a leisure suit? Cause, now you can make one!

  11. Wow! How nice! Now I left out the must be. LOL I used to work for a law firm that gave you a one month sabbatical after you worked there 13 years, go figure, I quit way before I used it, I would have been dead before the 13 years working at that joint. Have fun! I'm jealous.

  12. Ok, I'm not going to say the evil words, but you are really lucky! So many companies don't value their where do you work? Are they hiring? Really, just kidding since I just got a new job and am trying to take my own sabbatical before I start. Please let us know how things are going!

  13. I won't say it but... if you read my blog fart friday tomorrow you will see that I need, want a job like yours. After 18 years I need a break, I don't just say this.. I really need my life to go in a different direction cause I am burnt out or I need a 2 month break.. Live it up for me...Have fun and "it must be nice" lol

  14. Well, you won't get THOSE WORDS from me, I get them all the time when I tell people I stay home with my kids. (yes, it ticks me off, cause people act like it's something that just happened by pure luck) Anyhow - enjoy- it's too bad more companies don't do something like that. Just pretend you're in Europe - they get tons of vacay time.

  15. enjoy your sabbatical and don't let anyone make you feel bad!! I am envious!!! Have fun and rejuvenate!

  16. Wow! That's awesome. I hope you have a fabulous time and all the rejuvenating you need!

  17. I wish I could have a sabbatical! I'm jealous! :) I have a whole list of stuff I'd love to be doing-so I look forward to living vicariously through your blog. :) I'm just marking down the days to my two week vacation in October. Oh, and trying to kayak for a weekend in June. Enjoy!!!

  18. Oooo, no bad words here. ENJOY!

  19. I work at a library.

    At a University.

    I do NOT get a sabbatical.


    BTW - you know what I hear rejuvenates your soul? Flying out to NE Ohio and weeding flower beds!!! You're welcome to come do mine if you get BORED while on SABBATICAL... ;-)

    Oh, and it must be nice to be ROCKET, having her mom around all the time for the next couple of months. Yup, that Rocket sure is lucky.

  20. Wow! That is so unbelievably amazing. I'm glad you get that amazing opportunity, especially given how some companies are reacting in the face of tougher economic times. I can imagine that you have great loyalty to your company when they show such great loyalty to you. Enjoy your time off and I look forward to your posts about all that you are doing.

  21. It differs from place to place, but generally, profs can apply for a sabbatical every seven years, and it's generally also a year long. However, they do get reduced pay, and are still expected to use the time for research. They just get out of teaching and administrative duties. (And can choose to be located elsewhere.)

    I applaud your company... it must produce healthier and happier employees. :)

  22. That's great Fin! I think every person needs/deserves a break now and then! Enjoy every second of it!

  23. Dude, I have to admit, I am jealous, but that is so totally awesome.

    Funny you mention this, because I'm reading (ok, fine, books on tape) to Haruki Murakami's What I Think About When I Go Running, and this reminds me of that. Basically he's a novelist that runs marathons, and people say how lucky he is that he can travel around the world and run marathons. Honestly, no thanks. Marathons would kill me.

    So I think what I'm trying to say is that yay sabbatical, but if it includes a half marathon, hurray for you, and I'm glad I'm not doing it!

    Oh, you should check out the book too, it's very well written..

  24. Dude, you must've been bouncing off the walls yesterday with excitement! Now you should let us in on your to-do list. :)

  25. Finny !!! That is great!!! Congrats :) imagine all the crafting/gardening/cooking you will have time for?! I am looking forward to all the blog posts ;)

  26. Oh I'm so proud you're going to the library! It is a great place to find books to escape to mentally. Way fun!

  27. Awesome! I don't work in the summer and people HATE ME who usually love me. And I hate the "it must be nice" too. My SIL used to say "I wish I could stay home and bake cookies" when I was home with my little kids. THe truth? No she didn't. She likes working and all the awesome stuff she has that i didn't because she had a high-paying job. She would NEVER have traded places with me in my teeny house and coupon clipping. So I told her once and I never heard THAT again.

    Have FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Hey no hatin' here... I'm happy for you! I'm excited to see posts about all the fun and inventive stuff you'll no doubt create and do.

    No pressure or anything. :)

  29. I love it. Vacay with the bff? HERE WE COME.


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