Thursday, May 21, 2009

So you're leaving, then?

Stop looking at my belly.

Rocket has taken to eyeballing me in the most suspicious manner now that I've discovered the Aussie Mobile Pet Groomer Mobile Thingee and I'm pretty sure that the sight of our backpacks getting packed and repacked and sorted and stuffed with more dehydrated Chili Mac is exactly her idea of heaven.

And that is because she knows she will be rid of us and free to cavort and misbehave all Memorial Weekend as Bubba and I are taking off for the Yosemite backcountry and Miss Jada is off playing with her long time friends at pooch land.

Rocket will be home alone and, well, she'll be napping. In one spot. So that she can generate the most enormous Rocket Nest for us to admire upon our return. I wonder if she naps constantly while we're gone in order to conserve energy in the event that we don't return and she's then to be left to her own devices for survival?

Nah. That's just her wildest fantasy.

This house. It is all mine. Also, look how I'm half the size I used to be. Weird.

Anyway, that's my way of saying, I'm off again (and in alphabetical order no less!)- this time to Yosemite - where Bubba and I will wander some trails, carry our fly rods around with the intent of catching something and just generally enjoy being out of cell phone range and in the company of all of our neighbors except the shitty ones.

That's right, y'all - neighborhood backpacking trip! Isn't that just the cutest? Sort of. Yes.

I had a great bonding moment with one of them last night, as we all sat out back on our new patio (photos and mind-numbing story soon), when she asked the group in a somewhat leading manner, "Uh, guys, is this a dry trip or a wet trip?"

To which Bubba and I replied in tandem, "Wet."

Yeah. That's right. We have a backpacking flask, what of it? Which is already filled with Maker's and packed carefully into my pack, awaiting the moment when we arrive in camp, thirsty for The Mark.

For the record, backpacking is the only time I typically drink anything other than gin. And that is because I can't be carrying the Diet Tonic and sliced limes and a handful of cubed ice in my backpack because, can you imagine?

So, next week I'll return with some more photos for the Sabbatical~along album and I hope you all have a very nice Memorial Weekend whether you have a homicidal shaved cat awaiting you at home or not.


  1. I get to work this weekend! YAY! Big sale! Woo Hoo! Yes.
    Crap, I am jealous...what can I say???
    Have fun, be careful, see ya when ya get home!

  2. Does Rocket behave well for her shaving? I have one cat that I have to shave every summer (he is every bit as furry as Rocket appears to be) and it DOES NOT go well. The last time that we shaved him he embedded a claw in my husbands cheek right before peeing on the floor and then hiding in the bed for two days straight.

  3. Wet or dry? What kind of question is THAT? One to which everyone should already know the answer, I would think . . .

    Have fun! Good luck with the fishing.

  4. Nice haircut - the way you've talked about how bad it gets before, I would've expected something really choppy.... I hardly noticed - she just looks slim and tidy!!

    Have a great trip! Watch out for bears, snakes and poison ivy!

  5. Nothing like a pretty groomed kitty. Hope you're off having a great trip as I type this!

  6. Have a lovely time. I can't imagine trying to shave Cipher. Clipping her nails puts her into a tizzy and last time she did her best to give me a nipplectomy. (That's what I get for holding her without body armor.) Say hi to El Capitan for me.


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