Thursday, May 14, 2009

You have a sabbatical, too.

Not that everyone in the whole wide world of you guys wants to do exactly the same things that I do while I'm off work for two months but I bet you'd like some of the things.


Well, I thought I'd share them up.

Kinda like when we go on our ski trips and I keep a running photo album of our day's adventures so that anyone who cares to see me faux-speedskating in my full body polypro long underwear and hood can get a good laugh from the safety of their office back home.

I'm a giver like that.

And so I thought, why not do the same thing with this sabbatical, since you know I'm taking a million photos of things since I have the time and also so that, if you need a brain break in the day, you could let the photos roll for a few minutes and act like you're the one on sabbatical - all staring down contractors wrecking your yard or running around on the beach with the dog or, say, fucking up a lot of crafts just because you have the time.

Sound fun?

Well, I guess we'll find out. Since I'm going to update a Sabbatical~along photo album (to live on the sidebar there --->) with the photos I'm taking of my random activities for the next few months.

And because someone (Hi Sara!) asked just *what* I thought I'd be doing during this time, this gives me a good opportunity to share that list with you guys so you'll know what to expect in the photos while also fulfilling my own self-involved desire to create a bulleted list of activities.

For fun, you know. I'm all about fun. And bulleted lists.
  • Bike to pilates
  • Bike to the library
  • Run an out of state race
  • Take a beekeeping course
  • Watch the Giants play awful baseball
  • Landscape my backyard
  • Continue my Italian classes
  • Take the dog to the beach. Lots.
  • Finish knitting Bubba's sweater
  • Sew this dress
  • Go to the spa
  • Backpack with Bubba
  • Work in the garden
  • Visit all my best friends
  • Cook everything I've not yet made from my stockpile of recipes
  • Create in real life all the project sketches in my notebook
  • Read a lot of books (or just some)
  • etc, etc, etc
So, you know, that's some stuff you might see in there. Also, some random events that'll crop up and I'll be able to go do because WTF! I have the time. And you may not see a lot of photos of me biking places because self-portraiting while riding a road bike is really just not the safest thing for me to be doing.

Notice that "Crashing my bike into a parked van" is no where on my bulleted list. That's important.

And, hey, if you have fun ideas of shit I should do while I'm off, leave me a comment and maybe I'll do it. And then maybe I'll take photos and put them on this reel and then you'll sorta feel like you're on sabbatical, too, in that vicarious I HATE YOU FINNY kind of way.

Good times.

Alright. Let's go do some shit.


  1. You're making me feel inadequate because, well, as I've mentioned, I'm always on sabbatical. And I've completely given up bulleted lists because they are never ever completed. I probably should take that as a sign of defeat, but I'm in denial.

    Fab idea for the Sabbatical~along for your readers with good excuses, though.

  2. Maybe add sewing fail to the following:


  3. You could take a side trip to HMB and visit your favorite hardware store! That way you get a get the trip to the coast and check out the goof ball behind the customer service counter...MOI! (Not monday or Tuesday though)
    And if you are into any kind of art stuff I could give you my personal tour of all things artsy in my department! YAY! Just what you wanted isn't it?!?

  4. Have you lost your mind? You're asking US what YOU should do on sabbatical? With no caveats like "don't add celebrities to my To Do list"? Brave, Finny. Brave.

  5. Wow! Bullets! That is very impressive. I always dig a list with bullets.
    Forgive me for being ignorant but are those guys putting in a driveway in your backyard, or if not then what are they doing in those pictures? In any case, it looks nice and gravel-y!

  6. I just love Jada at the beach. Pure canine happiness, right there.

  7. Wow, you make me want to take my dog to the beach. She's over a year old and still has not experienced sand between her toes. Bad me. Any beach recommendations?

  8. I don't hate you Finny, but man-oh-man, I'd sure love to be at the beach with you and those dogs. I think you should go bungee jumping on sabbatical. ????

  9. I think it's a great list. Don't beat yourself up if you don't get everything done, just enjoy the "ride" so to speak. As for my project ideas, my list is so long I despair of ever doing everything on it. Right now I'm working on Christmas gifts (yes, I know, very anal-retentive), but I feel better getting things organized. Today I posted the first in a series of 3 gift sets for my siblings (2 sisters, 1 brother). They never read my blog, but I love them anyway.

  10. Again, I'm jealous. I'm thinking of making a "if I could be on a sabbatical, this is what I'd like to do" list and post it on my desk at work. Perhaps that'd be a bit much?

  11. I'm famous! There's a picture of my on Finnyknits. Plus you got a photo of a bison, which I asked for. Today is a fine day. Yay! Glad you're having a great time.


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