Friday, January 23, 2009

Let there be snow

We gave up on our try-a-new-ski-town-every-year plan after only three years because last year we went to Steamboat Springs and it was all we ever wanted in a ski town and more.

So, off we go, to visit Ski Town USA, full of cortisone and heavy with new board and ski boots.

Say it with me now, let there be snow.

Photos and video updated regularly. Given we don't break something important.

Talk soon!


  1. I hope you got snow, and that you had a great time!

  2. "Let there be snow."

    Our favorite ski area is Park City, Utah.

    Verification "word" of the day is: nonampti. Hmmm...must have an obscure meaning.

  3. Have a fun time! Looks likes a great little town :)

    Haven't fully completed my cashemere cuff yet --- screwed up the button holes and haven't been able to bring myself to fixing them yet...

  4. You mean, as in you are uploading photos while on your trip? Well. Aren't you super tech. I wish you abundant snow and blissful cocktail hours!

  5. Fuck the snow. I have enough snow. What I would like is some of that FOOD. Why do you torture me so, Finny?

  6. oh, you are so lucky. that sounds like so much fun!

  7. Aw man. The family (my hubby's clan) has been going to Steamboat for the past three years. This year we decide to economize and cancel the trip, but your pictures actually make me want to go. My favorite run is Tomahawk. It looks like we stay in the same complex too. Maybe next year the clan will be back. It looks like you ate some amazing meals too. We always cook at home except for one night.

  8. As an actual resident of the Front Range area of Colorado, I love Steamboat Springs because they get all the snow and we on the east side of the mountains stay mercifully dry most of the time. The sacrifice they make does not go unnoticed. :) Have lots of fun and don't injure yourself!


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