Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Craft: along - And this time I overacheive

Don't expect this to happen every month though. I can't take the pressure.

Dear Donk,

So, when the hoodie didn't come out exactly the way I imagined at first (stupid 1.5 yards of fleece instead of 2), I decided to make the cookies, too.

I found this jar in the garage. It looks nicer now that I washed out the spiders.

That way Bubba had at least one thing that was a perfect fit and then one thing with which he could amuse himself after eating an armload of cookies, since we know how he likes the lemon stuff and also how ridiculously long his arms are, so even if I *did* have enough fleece to make the sleeves longer, they still might not have been long enough.

He is such a gentle lover with the cookies.

Ever heard of a positive ape index, people? FYI - Bubba has one and it makes creating sleeved clothing for him a challenge. However, if you're ever hanging from a belay ledge waiting for your partner to make their way up the face so you can remove the harness from your lady parts, a positive ape index means you'll be freed that much sooner since he can make one move where you'd have to make two (or three).

About the recipe though, I'm glad to say that, despite the involvement of one food processor and the rolling of four dozen or so dough balls in sugar, this recipe is way easier and less of a PITA than that other one that he loves and he did seem to swoon almost as much when he tried these.

I swooned some, too. I mean just LOOK at that zest in there.
Now, I don't know if they're eat-11-dozen-in-a-sitting good, but frankly I don't think I should be striving for that. Even for someone as fit as Bubba, 11 dozen cookies has to do something *wrong* to a belly.

Thankfully, we're not in that territory yet. The jar's still half full (because he's been distracted by other food things, likely) and we *may* even take some on the road with us next week for our ski trip.

Yes, that's right - it's Steamboat Springs time again. So, I'm posting this now so that it'll be up before 1/31 (since that's the deadline, y'all - don't forget to post your photos to the pool!) and so that you know I won't be around to pick a winner or two projects for next month even though I'm very excited for our first winner of the year (squeeeeeee!).

I'll be back shortly after Groundhog Day to see what you've got in mind for February, though. And if it involves baking again, then so be it. I've purchased my body weight in King Arthur flour, so I'm ready.



  1. love the bubba loving on the cookies shot. seriously, our men are cut from the same cloth. Maybe some day I'll post about the time Andy hid the peanut butter cup ice cream from me in the back of the freezer and then watched as I pulled myself off the couch after a loooonng day pf work to go to the store to get ice cream cause I was craving it only to come home to him eating ice cream. true story.

    Hope I have time to do the hoodie.

    Have so much fun in Steamboat!

  2. Awww, how cute is bubba with those cookies -- just like a little guy and his teddy. Never heard of a positive ape index, but it cracked me up. Have a great time skiing!!!

  3. I actually threw out the batch I made. I served them at book group and I could tell they were not a hit because there were still many on the plate at the end of the evening. I just didn't like the consistency of the ones I made. The flavor was OK, though nothing special. If the "mine" gesture by Bubba is any indication, yours turned out better.

  4. Those first an dlast pics look so delicious. Seriously awesome pics of cookies. I am curious to try that recipe too. (However, it's a bit on the complicated side it appears--well, to me anyway!)


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