Friday, January 09, 2009

Knitter Winner (does that rhyme?)

I meant to have a photo of my latest knitting invention for this post, so that it wouldn't just be a post to say, "Hey! One person won something and the rest of you not so much!", but I forgot to take a photo last night before I passed out on the couch (due to tiredness, not gin).


Anyway, know in your heart of hearts that Finny is about to finish up a new pattern that will get posted next week, so if you're in the market for an easy and Supah Quick knit that lends itself well to giving as well as wearing by your own selfish self, stay tuned.

I will warn you though, it's another neck warm-y type thing, so if you're all maxed out in the neck cozy department, sorry.

For the winner though...

Ms. Knittah, you are the winnah! (Does that rhyme? I can't tell. I'm no good with these things.)

The super random name chooser dealie picked you out of the nearly 30 names to receive my box (sorry, I can't be mailing a basket, that's just silliness) of favorite knitting shit. Congrats!

SO NOW - you should send me your mailing address to finnyknits AT gmail DOT com along with your color choice for 2 skeins of this yarn and once it all gets shipped to me for boxing, I'll send it to you and then you can get to swearing at some new knitting stuff. 

Although, I'll warn you, even I can't swear at the sheep measuring tape. It's too fucking cute.

And for those of you who virtually high-fived me on my 500th post - yer rad. Thanks for hanging out with me here and not giving me shit about my swears. Wuv you!


  1. Wait! You're not reading that jackpot thingy correctly! I'm SURE it's supposed to be the first name below the shaded yellow line!!! Now I'm really excited -- do you want my addy now or later???

  2. Oh, how priggish of me. Sorry.


  3. ddammnnmm... I forgot to enter....

    Congrats to Knittah :)

  4. OH MY FREAKING GOD!!!!! Emailing right now . . . Thank you Finny!!!

  5. Congrats Knittah!!!!

    Bring on the swears, Finny! It's wonderful.

  6. Aw so close!!Was going to make the lemon cookies,but currently living out of the pantry and have no cream of tartar!!Any suggestions for a substitute? DAMN had to throw that in,not used to tough talk and hear it might make me feel better to just let it out.Thanks

  7. 500 posts! wow! congrats.


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