Thursday, March 19, 2009

That tank top I was knitting

I had this grand plan of how I was going to carry on my I'm a psycho tradition of a First Day of Spring outfit with that tank top I was knitting.

Do you remember this plan I hatched while I was up to my eyes in snow?

Yes, well, perhaps the snow jinxed this outfit somehow, because it's not coming together as I'd hoped.

The tank top, while the right size and not at all fucked up in the pattern department, sadly, has some punishing too-short straps and the length of the top itself is just shy of perfect.

I'd like it to be longer is what I'm saying. And what I'm really saying is that I ignored all the 300+ people on Ravelry who'd already knit this and said that if they were to do it again they'd add a few more inches to the length but did I listen? NO.

So, now I'm one of them! Yay! I fit in!

For the record, if I were to knit this top again (I MIGHT! SHUT UP.) I would add a few more inches to the length. And then I'd post some sort of threatening note to my Ravelry project page for this tank top to convince all future considerers of the Razor Cami to "just knit that extra few inches because otherwise I will fight you." Or something a little more convincing. Whatever - my intentions are good!

See how this would be cuter if it were just a few inches longer? You see.

And then I'd follow this girl's instructions for the straps because hers came out much better. The funny thing is that I suspect that she just followed the pattern's instructions for the straps and that is the perfect way to get me to do it any other way because I suck at following pattern details that fall at the end of the pattern.

The important thing for me to remember, during these moments when I derail myself completely, is that I CHANGED THE STITCH COUNT at the beginning of the pattern so that it would fit me perfectly (god I'm a tard sometimes) and when I get to the end and start to nod off, I have to make those same changes when finishing, say, THE STRAPS, so that it will fit perfectly at the top as well as the bottom.


These straps were placed based on where they should be on a larger sized tank top. Whoopsy.

See how the straps are set way wide on my shoulders? Yes, that is not comfy. Also, they are a tad short so the armpit strangling is at its choking best when I put this on and dare hold my arms at my sides. I don't think much blood made it from my brain to my fingers during this brief photo shoot.

And then the last thing, which honestly never occurred to me even though I looked at about a hundred of these FOs in Ravelry, is that it *may* not be work appropriate. Even when worn over a Tshirt or tank top. And this is to no fault of the tank top itself, but more my, um, busty-curviness and the way it takes this tank top from a demure and cozy top to a lusty pseudo-corset.

Anyway. I think I'm getting a mite conservative in my 3-0s because this issue probably wouldn't have passed through my mind 10 years ago, but here I am, feeling like I might be the future office whore if I wander around with my gals stretching out this tank top in such a way.

No, I would not be wearing those jeans to work. Or outside of our house for that matter.

So, sorta sadly, this post is more about what I did wrong with this pattern and how I'm going to fix it so that I love it like I'd planned to love it than a post about how I will be skipping into work like a fruity dumbass tomorrow in my It's The First Day of Spring and Yes I Made This outfit.

Now that I write that out, I don't really feel so sad. Funny, that.

Perhaps I should say some of my ideas out loud to myself (and you guys) before I go trotting off to do something that sounded cool in my head but in real life might be kind of retardo?

Moving on though...I will be fixing these straps later and not feeling bad about abandoning my special-made First Day of Spring Tank Top outfit because I will be wearing my Leaf Tshirt outfit instead as I will be spending the First Day of Spring in the unspringy weather of San Francisco tomorrow.

Hi. I enjoy 70 degree temps and sunshine on my First Day of Spring, Mr. The City. Please do not give me this foggy cold bullshit. Jerk.

But at least I'll be wearing a skirt (albeit a long one) and something handmade (even if it's not a tank top) and it will be spring somewhere (but probably not in SF).

Best laid plans and what not.


  1. Hmmm. Well, you can console yourself in A) you did a great job on the actual knitting stitches, and B) it won't be spring-like weather here yet either!

  2. Oh, it looks awesome as-is--or at least, as-is without the straps. It doesn't need to be longer :) It's *quite* nice.

    I can see wearing it to work, but maybe combined with something a little sedate. Possibly under an open short jacket, or something (but yeah, also with something opaque under it, uh huh).

  3. But the Leaf T Shirt is so cute!! You don't have to feel even vaguely bad about that for the first day of spring.... It will spring just fine with the leafy t!!!

  4. I'm with Galadriel, with the right sort of layers the tank is totally doable for work. Your supah busty-curviness is only likely to upset those women whose curviness is in the wrong place AND who like to blame skinny bitches for being skinny.

  5. P.S. I agree with you and those other 300 gals about the length though.

  6. It may not have turned out perfectly but its a really pretty pattern.

  7. You know my first thought on seeing the picture? "That looks like a corset."

    Not that that's a bad thing, necessarily.

    My second thought? "I bet Bubba LOVES this top."

  8. It is actually a great little top and looks cute on you. I'm sure it's one of Bubba's new faves.

    "... I will fight you." LOL!!!!

  9. Well, it's adorable anyway! I think you should knit up some panties and turn it into a lingerie set. Then you could wear it to work underneath your clothes and spend all day explaining how you're wearing handknit underwear.

    That would be a whole new fun level of awesome/crazy. :)

    It's cloudy here today too. And I'm in Colorado, with it's 300+ days of sunshine, or so they say. I'm sorry The City let you down, but I hope you have a good day anyway.

  10. The main part of your project looks and works wonderfully well. The things that bother you about it can be fixed, as indeed you plan to do. I think Wendy's idea is fabulous. The other day I checked a book out at the library, "Twelve Months of Knitting" by Joanne Yordanou, that has two bikini projects (don't laugh, no one will ever see me in them but I want to give the projects a try). Both bikini bottoms would work with your camisole/corset.

  11. Anna - Yeah. It's not all springy in San Jose today either. Given the pending rain storm we have coming this weekend. Yippee.

    Galadriel - Under a jacket might work. Yes. I will think on this. It's the boobage that is a little much for me. Those gals will abuse a sweater like no other.

    Jennifer - Right? There's leaves on it and everything - that's springy!

    Amy - Thank you! I mean, not that I have a problem with my boobage, but some of the other "less blessed" boobers might have mean things to say. But not if I wear it under a jacket!

    Dawn - I love it. I will probably knit it again. Longer. And with better straps.

    Kris - Yeah. It does look like a corset. That's the first thing I thought when I put it on. But you're right about Bubba, he does love it. Although he was the one that suggested that it might not be the best for work, based on its corset-ness.

    Lera - IT IS! But he loves it more as a "wear at home" item ;) Do you think that's a convincing threat? I use it a lot. Thankfully no one takes me up on it since I don't know how to fight, but whatever.

    Wendy - Knitting underwear is still a little crazy for me, but who knows...

    Junie - Oh Junie! Leave it to you to find a matching pattern for my woes. I will have to see if my library has this book. Can you imagine if I knit matching bottoms? The horror.

  12. You are in luck because it is supah-nice in The City today! You will not regret coming up here.


  13. It looks darling on...
    I will have to think about adding extra rows
    I sometimes don't listen to people on ravelry too
    smile... but I think its darling.

  14. i think it looks great. i see where the straps would be a uncomfortable, but i bet if you fixed the straps, it would look awesome over a white button down. Or, with the tank and a blazer over it for work? it's hot!

  15. That's hot city! I love lusty pseudo corset. Yes, I can so relate to that evolution occuring on my body as well.

    Happy Spring!

  16. It may be too short, but it is really pretty and I bet will be perfect come Jellystone...

  17. And, you look amazing in that there knit tank. Your co-workers would only be so lucky to have the opportunity to see you in it! And, I think if you wore a fitted, long t underneath, the length thing would be a non-issue. eh?


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