Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The day I do prizes & premeditated murder.

Apparently I've been very prize-y lately because they're stacking up.

Apparently I've also been a little blase about the whole GIVING prizes after I offer them thing, too, because they've been, well, stacking up.

Today, I fix all of this.

For those of you who, way back in the day, said you wanted my cootie-free Covert Bathroom Storage invention, today's your lucky day.

Life is a little strange when Lucky=Tampons.

Well, for one of you it is. Kristin, specifically.

YAY! Congrats!

No one, including your poor house guests (woe) will have to stare at the turquoise and blue box in your bathroom anymore. Also, how is it that we can have so many things in common even down the brand of tampon?


Anyway, gaze upon the all-mighty random name chooser machine and then send me your home address to finnyknitsATgmailDOTcom so I can mail you off your fabulous prize.

Although, given our sameness, I *should* just *know* your address, because it's probably the same as mine minus the state and zip, but still, send it. You don't want someone else covertly storing their bathroom necessities, do you? No, you do not.

Yours may not look exactly like this. So you know.

And, hey - weird pesto loving people, you're awesome! I had no idea people would be even remotely interested in this bizarre arugula product, but hey, there you are. All 23 of you, saying you want the weird pesto and I'm not even going to play the "maybe they all just want something for free?" game because what good does that do anyone?

None. None at all.

So, lucky Katie D., winner of pesto and seducer of the random name chooser, send me your full name and home address to finnyknitsATgmailDOTcom and I'll send you off this weird arugula pesto of mine with a big 100% warning that you may not like it. I mean, it is *weird* after all.

And also, you said it made you want to plant it, so maybe if you like this pesto, you plant some seeds and then you tell me about it because that kind of thing does it for me. I like to see the love out there, rather than just in my own backyard where it may only live because I'm a crazy person.

See, it's hard to be sure unless you see other people doing it. Then I feel normal. ISH.

Anyway - now all the prizes are dispatched and I don't believe I have anything else out there pending a winner, so let's get back to the real show around here which is me premeditating murder for the upteenth ill-fated year in a row.


I planted some seeds indoors even though I know they're totally going to croak when I try to put them outside for the first time and then forget them out there overnight.


That's 2 lemon cukes, 1 Silver Queen corn, 2 Sweet basils, 1 Kentucky Blue Lake bean.

Now, I am still planning to direct sow all of these seeds when we get to a steady 70 degrees during the day (it's supposed to get to 70 for the first time today. We shall see.), but since I saw this tutorial on the Craft: blog, I decided to take some of my recyclables and roll the dice on starting seeds indoors.

I mean, it's just a few seeds, right? And it helps me get through the I have beds ready for planting and seeds to go in them but not enough heat and I can't take it days until 70 degrees shows up for good.

Thank god I don't live where it doesn't warm up until May. My head would pop, I'm pretty sure.

Anyway, even if they don't take or die in the hardening off process, the whole mess can be composted (containers and all) and we can pretend like it never happened.

You'll pretend with me won't you?


  1. HAAAA. Am totally going to be covert Secret Tampon Agent like Finny. Awesome.

  2. Dammit! I wanted that tampon holder. Wait. I mean the arugula pesto!!

    I think I've decided lemon cukes have no place in my garden this year. I had too many of them get hard on the vine before I picked them last year, or were way toooo seedy. I had better luck with more "normal" cukes, so that's the way we're going... You enjoy your lemon cukes!

  3. Oh! I am so so sad that I didn't win the pesto. Why me? Why do I never win?
    Anyways...I am growing lettuce for the first time, and as you are the only person that I "know" who has grown lettuce I was wondering if you could answer a really simple lettuce growing question for me? Please please please.
    When should I thin my lettuce seedlings? They are about 2 inches tall now and very crowded.
    You wouldn't believe the stupid answers that you get if you type that question into google.
    Thanks in advance!

  4. Kris - Double - OH agents at that.

    Jeph - So, what kind of NORMAL cukes are you growing?

    Jemima - Thin them now! I thin mine when they're just these spindly little bits by pinching off the unwanted ones between my thumb and forefinger nail. I try to allow at least an inch, if not more, between seedlings. Don't pull them though - just pinch them. It'll keep the roots from being disturbed.

    If they look like this, it's definitely time to thin. For the record, the thinned lettuce from this lump grew up big and strong and gave us many salads. :) I love growing lettuce!

  5. Yeah, that's pretty much what they look like - I am off to thin!
    Thanks Finny!

  6. Congratulations to your winners; each and every one is going to thoroughly enjoy their prizes.

    As for your impending premeditated murder, I'm sometimes guilty of that with my own gardening efforts. I love the way you've incorporated the container composting idea.

  7. Well, shit. How did I miss that arugula pesto giveaway? Although if I had won, you would be obliged to smash the jar of canned goodness, place in a baggy with a lame note and then send to me in several weeks. It'd only be fair.


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