Monday, May 14, 2007

Oh, that Amy - she know what I like...

Dear Donk,

Yes, of course. Of course I finished my May InStitches project. Skidded right in at the eleventh hour to get it done in time for Mother's Day. And don't cha know that Momma Finny loved it long time - almost as much as I did.

See, I made it from this fab blue fabric covered with cutesy cherries that managed to charm me from across the fabric store. And then it continued to woo me throughout the sewing process, even during moments when I was seemingly un-wooable. Like when my index finger had an unfortunate run-in with the escaping steam from the overactive iron. Short and sweet: there were bad words and idle threats. But looking over at the cheerful cherries, I couldn't hold my grudge.

As far as the "Project in Action" part goes, it's a little staged - but thankfully we were of similar minds on the "how to show our project in action while also giving it as a gift". So, here I am pretending like I'm preparing to take to task all six bags of lemons which are beginning (rapidly) to go bad in the fruit basket, when in fact I was actually preparing to carefully wrap up the apron with a book and card for my momma and then return to the kitchen to throw out approx one full bag's worth of lemons.

Did you know they turn to green dust? That is Nasty. And Stinky. And a lot of other Words that have to be Capitalized in order to show their Extremity. EW.

Anyway, the other action shot that was taken immediately before wrapping:

Aside from the fabulous Mother's Day extravaganza that was planned for this weekend, Bubba and I also managed to observe a little publicized festival of ours: The Mac and Cheese Taste-Off.

I guess you could file this with Yoga Taco Night, Cinco Del Taco and Pizza Night (Everybody loves Pizza Night) under "Bizarre Events Involving Junky Food", but in our house, it's a rare and hallowed event.

It's also not at all regulated and there aren't any rules. And, in fact, there is very little "tasting off" going on, since we both think our variety of neon cheese covered macaroni is The Best. So, at most, it involves a little good-humored chiding and poking fun at *how disgusting* the other variety of mac & cheese really is. I mean, come on, POWDERED CHEESE? How gross.

For me, it's Velveeta Shells & Cheese all the way. Gooey neon orange cheese squooze fresh from a silver pouch? Perfection. The fact that a "cheese" product can sit, unrefrigerated, on a grocery store shelf for indefinite periods of time without any degradation of it's edibility is none of my concern. The end product is simply divine. And if a dozen shells happened to get glued together with the aforementioned heavenly cheese goo and speared by my fork all at once - all the better.

So, beyond the charming apron making (and YES I LOVE THIS PATTERN SO MUCH) and mac & cheese eating (Velveeta rules. Kraft drools.), my weekend was fabu. Slap on top the fabulous formal tea that we went to on Mom's day and the shopping that followed and I was an all around happy beast. I think you might be too, when you see what hopped into my bag when I went by a certain store since it's on its way to you raht now.



  1. That's cute! Isn't this pattern so easy? BTW, have you seen that martha stewart recipe for lemon pie. It looked pretty good and maybe you could use up a few of those millions of lemons you have!

    and I'm totally with you on the Velveeta mac & cheese!

  2. Oh the apron looks great! And I'm glad to hear it's easy and turns out well this month. As for the cheese, I'm kinda half way in between you and Bubba. I like Kraft's deluxe cheese. In fact, throw in a little blue cheese and some bacon and some panko crumbs on top... yum!

  3. Mmm...Mac and Cheese....
    I love the apron! It looks great!

  4. Oh yah Girl! The squeezy cheese kicks powdered “cheese” BUTT!!!!!! Rock on mama! (we have this same debate in our house, but seeing as I grocery shop it’s squeezy cheese all the time Baby!!!)

    I am lovely your apron! By the way can I cheat & submit my AB apron that I made in Dec for my mom’s Christmas gift? With the move & all I don’t for see me getting another one made by the end of the month. Not that this should really matter seeing as last months AB lounge pants are still sitting cut out waiting to be sewn. Sigh…

    PS rotten lemons are enough to gag a maggot, I just pitched some the other day & eeeewwwww! They totally squish when you pick them up. Ack!

  5. OOh, great apron - great fabrics!
    I made my kids homemade macaroni and cheese once. They didn't like it! They prefer the neon powdered cheese stuff - ick.

  6. Katie Jean - That pie recipe looks a lot like this Ohio Lemon Pie recipe I tried to make a couple years ago. It was NAST. Probably because I tried to double (triple? can't remember) the recipe and I think all the eggs went into one pie. We affectionately refer to it as the Lemon Quiche Incident.

    Lynn - I won't lie, your mac & cheese sounds very fancy. Panko crumb topping AND bacon? Bubba would love this very much.

    Beckie - It was so yum.

    Melisa - See, for some reason I fall for the "Ew Velveeta is SO gross let's get the blue box cuz I love it soooooooo much" thing and, since we're children and can't compromise, we get both. *Sigh* Totally submit your apron to the pool though - I'd love to see it. Do you have an action shot? Just for the theme this month...

    Rohan - Yeah, I've tried the homemade mac & cheese. Bubba loves it but I find it bland. I apparently need the extra tang of fake neon cheese on my macaroni.

  7. OMG, Please! As if the creepy atomic orange cheese powder ever even stood a chance! I am so Velveeta. Sad face. No Velveeta in these parts. People tell me they know how to do some other things with pasta, though...

  8. How adorable is your apron? And how much do I LOVE that you used my favorite statue on your mama day card? This is all so wonderful. I could only be more happy if there was a giant plate of Mac & Cheese in front of me at this very moment.
    And some cold lemonade.

  9. OK, hang on folks. That Velveeta crap comes from recycled Volvo bumpers. Sure, the powdered stuff is made from soylent cheese as well, but I think it probably has less miles on it than the squeezy variety.

    Bacon? Blue Cheese? I think there's a new contender. Lynn, if this makes and appearance art Chez Finny, I'll owe you a brake job or a lawnmower tuneup or whatever it takes to keep bacon-tinged comestibles at the top of the "to cook" list. Thanks for suggesting!


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