Wednesday, May 02, 2007

InStitches: May

Dear Donk,

I'll have to ask that you to refer to my pants by their technical name, "WIDEST Leg Lounge Pants THAT ARE HUGE". It's not very catchy, I know, but it serves its purpose. Which is to say that they are enormous and if were were to have the InStitches slumber party as you imagined, at least a few of us (the more adventurous ones) could get into these size "mediums" together for the suggested photo shoot.


All that aside, I love the idea of the apron. I will go ahead and assume that there is no reason this pattern should be any different from the last, and will pay special attention to the fabric requirements to make sure that we're not, in fact, making a tent of some kind rather than a normal sized apron for a normal sized human being.

I mean, it may *say* it's a "SHORT" pleated apron, but who knows. I'm a little gun shy I guess.

Theme-wise, I take my cue from the book photo itself (so derivative, I know) and declare this "Project in Action" month. Specifically, you make the apron and then have someone take a photo of you doing something in it. Perhaps cooking. Perhaps playing tennis. It doesn't have to be used for the specific purpose of cooking, but go easy on the nudity, this is not a boudoir apron, folks.

Winner-wise (all things *wise* today), I'm excited to announce April's InStitches winner as Alison of domesticali. Her saucy hot lounge pants set the pool on fire, and well, that deserves a prize. Spicy Lady Alison - please send me your mailing address (and phone #, too please for the UPS man) to finnyknitsATgmailDOTcom. I will then ship you a prize befitting your sassiness.

June-wise (see?), I don't know yet. I'll think on it. There is one particular pattern that I've been coveting, so I'll have to see how I'm feeling come June.

Meanwhile, I can't wait to hear about the trip to Moz (so excited for my tribal fabric! sqweeeeee!), Britney is a mess and I will go pay homage to Paper-Source when it opens and let them know you'll be here soon to visit. And when I say "pay homage" you know that means shopping, which also means pressies for my favorite people. (You're my favorite people.)

Have a fabulously safe trip to the dark continent and I hope your many injection sites are soothed adequately by your one-man ice cream social.



  1. a. LOVE the theme.
    b. LOVE even more that I am one of your favorite peeps.
    c. I think I'm going to play tennis in my apron. Better yet -- this damn thing is coming to africa with me and I'm going to mail in my photo. ha!

  2. I request one apron in pink for me, please. this is a cute pick for may!

  3. Oh an action shot? How exciting. Unfortunately for you guys, I'm not so creative when it comes to posing with my photos. Fortunately for me, that probably means I'll be baking some cookies... yum!

  4. Excellent. The tennis reference makes me think of some old commercial - "You and your (apron), living the active lifestyle [insert fit person with the killer backhand here]". Good theme!

  5. Woohoo! I've got a good one in mind for this craziness. Can't wait to start it!

  6. i made the apron and it is not gi-normous. (a bit long for a short person like me, but not a tent!)

  7. Thanks so much for the lounge-pants love!

    Putting my thinking cap on for apron inspiration now....


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