Thursday, May 17, 2007

A mix up at the hospital

It would seem that there is some peanut butter in my chocolate. Or chocolate in my peanut butter. Can't decide which, but there are definitely a few sweet peas in my snap peas.

Weird. I didn't order any sweet peas. And I certainly don't remember planting any sweet peas. Was I drunk when I put in the garden this year?

Always a possibility.

Meanwhile, they look pretty cute in there fighting for space with the ever-overachieving peas. Perhaps I'll just take my cue from nature and order some sweet pea seeds to sow with the snap peas next year and pretend like I planned it all by myself.

Like an evil garden genius. Muhuhahaha!

Or, you know, something nicer.

I'm not sure why I'm surprised, but there are other weird things going on in the garden aside from the Rogue Sweet Peas. For instance:

There is a volunteer sunflower (probably from the wildly popular and litter-liscious bird feeder) hanging out next to the veg beds trying to peek over the wall and see what the cool kids are doing.

They might be ignoring him now, but in about a month they're going to be bummed they didn't include them in their reindeer games since he'll probably be as big as the ones from last year.
And no, I don't plan to pull him out or relocate him. That would take grace, careful maneuvering and a host of other skills and/or characteristics that I do not possess.

So, Mr. Soon To Be Cool will have to make it on his own out there in the real world until he's big enough to tower over the cucumbers and make lewd demands.

Sorry, this just got strange.

Anyway, we also have lettuce. It's not weird or unexpected, but I thought it was kinda cute peeking through the mesh cage I've put over it to keep of the BASTARD MUNCHING BIRDS that can't keep their damn beaks off of it.

Obviously the stupid Scarechicken is not doing it's job. You see him back there. Snoozing behind the cosmos. Busy rusting away and only waking up to snare my dewy flesh when I DARE bring a kneecap too close to it's precious tail feathers.


See, gardening CAN be weird.



  1. You always have the nicest garden, even when weird things pop up.

    (Joe bought some plants to put in our garden and we left the house for about an hour and something came and ate the lettuce plants before we even planted them.)

  2. If it ain't the stinkin' birds, it will be the snails or the neighbor's cats.

    How's the running?

  3. I planted a whole lot of sunflowers ... then I forgot that I had planted them and when they came up I pulled them out thinking they were weeds. Duh!

  4. Wow Miss Garden Extrodinar!!! Your garden is looking so fab!

  5. Wow Miss Garden Extrodinar!!! Your garden is looking so fab!

  6. hee hee hee. Scarechicken. hee hee. Cracking up over here. I want to come over for a salad. Maybe August.

  7. ahhh gardening CAN be weird! i love it, your garden looks great even with all the little surprises. and yes, the placements i made were of the institches variety... as always with ms. butler they are just a touch bigger than i would have done but very nice regardless.

  8. You. So very funny. I love your gardening antics and I am pulling for the little uncool sunflower.

  9. Looking lovely indeed! I had some purple petuinas show up among the pink I purchased. It seems that every garden gets it's fair share of odd balls now and then. :)

  10. Ooh, love that metal rooster! And I love the way sweet peas smell.


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