Thursday, May 24, 2007

At least I ran

It seems as though seeing my non-running status in print caused an immediate improvement in my meaty conditions, because I was able to go on a nice (no sarcasm here) long run on Saturday without any stabbing pain in my shin meat.


I managed to trod out six miles with four minutes to spare (granted, there weren't any hills or sand traps to slow me down) and arrive back home just in time to ice my knees and meaty parts and head out on a long drive to see my brother graduate from college.

Another miracle? Who can say.

I will admit, however, that I did the run solo. I am getting to the point where I really should drag the dog with me, but I have a hard time with the training/running balance. Which basically means that I don't have the windpower to, at once, get the dog to "look" at me (thus avoid eyeballing a squirrel) and huff my way along - every...four...steps...

Call me a puss, but this is the state of affairs.

Perhaps this weekend I'll be more patient and able to take her on a run. And perhaps the fucking harness I re-ordered will FINALLY arrive. I don't like resorting to the harness on her because it makes me feel like a cheater who can't train her dog (which could be true), but it makes our runs SO much easier. She just doesn't pull. At all.

Follow the theme...


However, the first one I bought for her was a skosche too tight and rubbed her doggie armpits the wrong way. We can't have that. It's frankly unsightly and makes me feel mean. So, on all that, we'll see.

Meanwhile, another theme running roughshod around here: Escape

As in:

Let me out of this wire mesh:

Let me out of this cage:
And get me off of this pea fence:
Perhaps the EasyWalk people make a harness for excitable vegetable plants.


  1. Look at that garden! So beautiful! I'm totally jealous.

  2. I have to tell you that I had my mom read your blog when she was up last week helping me pack. She too found you so funny! The garden is looking so great! Also with all the packing going on I totally spazed & didn’t get your purse mailed off to you until Tuesday! Ugh! You should have it soon though. Sorry :(

  3. Our dog only weighs around 10 pounds and we use a harness b/c he can pull like nobody's business. If we had a larger dog, I would totally get a harness like that, it looks great. It's not a matter of training - it's avoiding getting pulled into traffic or getting injured (either one of you).

    Your garden looks awesome! I'm jealous, ours is just getting going. In that last picture - what is the board between the two raised beds for?

  4. Lera - I'll be excited when the tomatoes show up. Right now we're eating all that beautiful lettuce with storebought tomatoes and it is just SO not the same. Soon...

    melisa - Safe travels during your move and good luck in NM! I am excited to hear about your adventures and I hope it treats you better than MI. :) I'm so excited for my purse!

    kim u - Well, we are definitely working on loose leash training wit her. And it works as long as there isn't a dog/cat/squirrel coming at us. For runs though, that harness is a dream.

    Oh, and the board between the beds is a little makeshift bench that Bubba made for me. It has two little legs that fit over the bed walls so that it stays in place. Really nice to sit while pruning lettuce for dinner or planting seedlings/weeding/staring at the sky. I have two :)

    Shelley - Anytime girlfriend. Bring your limoncello. Oh, and YOU KNOW, you could be growing lettuce, too. Just saying...

  5. look at that garden grow! I am totally impressed Fin!! wish I was there to run with you.


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