Tuesday, November 29, 2005

All in the genes...

So you know how I got all bragidacious (oh yeah, that's a word) this summer with my "fat ass" watermelons, "monstrous" pumpkins, "baskets" of tomatoes and big bunches of basil? Well, I've been trumped.

My mom, the garden master, and my lifelong green thumb advisor, brought this baby out at Thanksgiving:

Is she taunting me here? Hard to say. She tried to write it off by saying, "Oh hunnie, you know how zucchini just grows and grows no matter how you treat it. This wasn't my doing." But really, folks, she's amazing with those veggies -- this was actually a cucumber! Ok, just kidding, it's not.

The best part is, that her trash zucchini (yeah, this baby went right in the can after the photo was taken) was nearly the same size as my prized watermelon. Hpmf.

Hmmm...maybe next year I grow zucchini? Or perhaps the biggest pumpkins known to man. That'll show her and her Monster Zucchini. It'll be like Rodan meets Godzilla, except it'll be a big orange pumpkin and a skinny ass zucchini duking it out.

Don't lie, you'd watch.


  1. I would watch. This I guarantee.

    You guys have seen the new Wallace and Gromit movie right???

  2. NO! I must convince hubby that W+G is a must see. Does Rodan make a cameo appearance? That might help my cause...


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