Thursday, November 17, 2005

When the hell did the holidays get here?

Inspired by AfricanKelli, I give you my holiday diatribe.

The holidays exhaust me. Every year I try to get ahead of them, and every year I think I'm prepared until something sneaks up on me that I hadn't planned for -- gifts for new coworkers, a little something for the garbage man, some type of dessert to bring for Thanksgiving, getting time off for Christmas travel. You name it.

Well, this year, I may have it nearly nailed. And if all goes as planned, I'll be DONE BY THANKSGIVING. Can you imagine?

I've designed, ordered and addressed all my holiday cards (this now includes all my husbands family and friends). Now all I have to do is wait for hubby to bring home the stamps and they're off. Let us all hold our collective breath. I hope to send these out the day after Thanksgiving.

I've done all my holiday shopping, thanks to the magic of my laptop and trusty wireless connection. I am getting my wrapping supplies this weekend and will wrap and tag all gifts as they come in. Hopefully I will remember where I put them when Hanukkah rolls around in JANUARY (what the hell?).

I've booked all our holiday travel. Mom in law coming for Thanksgiving - hotel, car, flight, etc booked and confirmed. Hubby and I going to Mom in Law for Christmas - flight and activities confirmed (with any luck, will not include a long stay at church).

I've finished one of three handmade gifts and have the materials for the remaining two ready to go. With any luck, I'll get one more of these bad boys knocked out by this weekend.

And, since I don't decorate beyond the basket of pumpkins and gourds on the side table, I feel pretty much done. See, hubby is a major scrooge and I'm a Jew, so I don't have to concern myself with the likes of a tree, stockings, ornaments, fire retardant pajamas and whatever else makes its way into the house during Christmastime. I'll just bust out the old menorah and call it a night, or eight nights - whatever. Mom in law, sometimes fondly referred to as Dorothy or Mama Sue, will be spoiling us with all the Christmas-ness a person could desire as she hosts us this 12/25, so I'm getting off light and plan to enjoy every second of it.

Oh, and it helps that my kitchen is under construction, so I can't bake or cook a damn thing. Sad, but true. There will not be any holiday cakes or cookies in the Finny Knits house this year. With any luck, there will be cabinets again, and perhaps a nice stone countertop. Picture it with me, will you...

Some progress...

Perhaps I shall start planning our winter jaunt to Telluride now...shhh! Don't tell hubby it's a birthday surprise. Oh yeah, and hubby's birthday and one of my best friends' birthdays are right in January. So, just when I think the sh*tstorm is over, voila! Birthdays! Joy.

Bring on the eggnog, buttered rum, Manischewitz and champagne--I need a drink!

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  1. "See, my husband's a scrooge and I'm a jew..."
    Holding my sides I am laughing so hard! Love that you are so prepared and organized. I wish I had taken a page out of that book.
    How was the wedding?


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