Monday, September 18, 2006

Notes from the Grand Canyon State

As it often happens, I have returned home from another blissful trip to visit three of my five best friends, who have grouped themselves conveniently in one city, without a photo to show for it.

It has occurred to me that when surrounded by people who I love, and more importantly, who don't annoy me, I relax into heap of contented euphoria from which I am only capable of participating in a few limited activities-like balancing a cocktail on my lips and laughing hysterically. The notion of taking pictures, even of my perfect goddaughter, is the farthest thing from my mind. Especially when I can hold said goddaughter in my lap and stare into her pretty eyes instead (without a drink in my other hand, as I was instructed by her mommy).

So, here I am, back at the homestead, trying desperately to pull my plants back from a weekends devastation caused by a surprise heat, somewhat kicking myself for not having photographed the loveliness that is Arizona this time of year.

I mean, yes, it was hot, let's not lose all sense of reality, but when it cooled off and we were lounging on the patio staring at the desert sky and over the rough and tumble landscape, I had my I'm-visiting-Arizona-and-being-beguiled-by-its-sandy-charm moment that I always have while I'm there where I think, "Hey, I could get used to this!"

Then I remember my short period of Arizona residence with a shudder and choose instead to ogle the javalina making their stinky way up the driveway and peer through my cameras zoom lens at the tarantula picking it's way across the street below. I also ritualistically indulge in gaping at the desert night sky (decidedly different and more spectacular than skies viewed in other locales) while continuing to fill my glass and listen to my friend's kids talk tirelessly of their beanie baby's dating preferences. It may sound surprising, but this makes me very happy.

It also makes me happy to know that my best friend's kids are growing up with a keen acceptance for gay marriage and that they incorporate that into their stuffed animal dating scenarios. For those taking note, "Fuzz" (a brownish type Beanie bear) can only go to the ball with other boy bears. Such wisdom in such tiny people.

And so, here I am, back in the Golden State, happy to be home, but also a bit melancholy since I won't see these hilarious, non-annoying, perfectly-crafted-just-for-me friends all in one sitting for a while. Plus, sobriety has kicked in and I realize I have a lot of laundry and unpacking to do. Gah!

Good thing I'm off for Rome soon to see another one of my five perfect fit friends. Let us begin the countdown...16,


  1. Fin,
    Thank you for the sweet note. I love getting things like that in the mail, it's such a nice suprise.
    I had THE CRAZIEST dream about you last night. You and I were chatting and working on something, and I couldn't help but stare at your arms. You had THE MOST BUFFED ARMS I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!! All around you were super shredded. I couldn't stop thinking to myself..."shit, what is she eating?"

    Strange, I woke up laughing at myself, thinking hmmm..Fin as a body builder...

    Don't ask, I must've eaten something strange last night or somethin'

  2. Ooh, warm fuzzies! Me no can wait.
    A post just chock-full of goodies to dish about:
    1) Phoenix can be charming. But only in 2-3 months of the year as you point out. Let's not forget the other 9-10 of inferno. Which is why we both got the hell out when we did (no offense, desert lovers).
    2)Good to hear you are preparing your liver for all the Italian wine you will soon be drinking.
    3)Babies. I now have a record FOUR female friends pregnant at once, plus 2 who have just given birth. AARGH!

  3. jealous..

    Hit Enoteca Costantini on the Piazza Cavour, it's my one of my favorite places and if you haven't had enough wine there, head up Via Tacito hang a right Via Ennio Quirino and get plowed on Guinness at Morrison's Pub. Then stumble drunkenly down to the Ponte Sant'Angelo and try to convince one of the guys that's selling fake Prada to give you a job like a ummmmm.. friend of mine did.

  4. We desert rats miss you already. Seriously.

  5. Fury - If only. That is all I'll say. As for what I'm eating - nothing that will give me buff abs, I pretty sure.

    Shelley - Me no can wait, either! Steven has given us some food for thought - wonder if we can work this into our packed schedule? Yes. Everyone is pregnant. Just found out a new one today - friend from high school pregnant with #2. Never ending.

    Steven - Thank you - I need more venues for drinking in Italy. Montalcino was a highlight last time, and I promise, I drank plenty. However, I did not solicit jobs from anyone hocking faux gear. I did, however, spend an afternoon touching all the chincilla coats at the Prada store. But didn't buy anything! I know, I'm still going to hell.

    I'll try to post while I'm there so you can give me impromptu bar suggestions. If you're so inclined.

    AfricanKelli - This Golden State'r misses you too!

  6. rome? are you kidding me?! that sounds great!

    what will happen to your garden?


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