Monday, September 25, 2006

I told you I was a nerd

Let me say, right up front, before you all get mad at me - I'm super extra happy and excited that people as lovely as yourselves (you know who you are) want to join in on the book clubbing! I knew people still read books. I just knew it.

And, before you get all uprise-y, I did warn you of my nerdiness with my previous post. You know, as it referred to my desire for a book club so that I could channel my nerdy need for book convo amongst peers...

And so, I will now profess to you my nerdy situation - I finished the book.

*pause for criticism and squawks of annoyance*

I know, I know. We have a month already still. Sometimes I annoy myself with these things that I do.

Let's blame it on the San Francisco 49ers, shall we? They suck and yet I still feel the loyal fan responsibility to watch every last agonizing down lest they somehow pull out a miracle play and actually *gasp* win a game. Or at least tag a fieldgoal and put some points on the board. It's a long shot, but I hold out hope.

And, while I hold out hope, I read my book from the couch so that I don't scream loud at the TV, frightening Hubby, neighbors, fat cat, etc. And to bring this rambling story home to you extra special (and forgiving*) book clubbers - the 49ers have sucked extra wind so far this season (yes, we're only on week 3 here) and so I've had plenty of time to soothe my frayed nerves with book reading and Bombay Sapphire while perched nervously on the westernmost corner of my couch cushion.

So, with nerdy confession out of the way, I say - peel back the cover and enjoy the crap out of this book so we can dish on 10/31. And, to make up for my premature enjoyment, I'm going to take a copy of this book (my personal one) overseas to the international branch of our book club so that we can have well-rounded chatter on the subject in one month's time. It's only fair, I say.

Speaking of which...9 days to go...


  1. Sometimes Ale calls me "nerdone" (ner-do-nay)--that would be "big nerd" in his special brand of Italglish. Anyways, the light-speed reading of the book really did serve an important purpose: saving you from having to buy another copy for me!

  2. Mowing through books is a good thing my friend. I am loving Moloka'i! I'm actually planning on taking lunch today and reading for my 30 minutes. That says something.

  3. I requested the book from the library and I got notice today (isn't it cool that the library emails?) that it is in. I'm looking forward to it. Have you read my book blog? I highly recommend you pick up a copy of The Piano Tuner.

  4. Shelley - you're absolutely right, you big nerdone (a word I will be using a lot, I predict), I have saved myself the woeful task of entering a bookstore. Phew!

    AK - YAY! I loved that book - so glad you're enjoying it. Mow, mow, mow the books...

    Barb - Your library is Fanc-Y! I'll be interested to see how you like the book. Meanwhile, I'll add the Piano Tuner to my list.

  5. Woohoo! My book arrived via UPS about an hour ago and I have just started reading it and already I am laughing. Thanks and I look forward to the discussion! Back to reading...

  6. E & I - Yay! Glad to have you on the bandwagon. I'll be running through a few more of his books during my upcoming trip and will be able to share some more recommendations. Meanwhile - enjoy the book!


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