Friday, September 22, 2006

Book club

As it turns out, I'm the slightest bit nerdier than my book clubmates. Yes, I'm sure this comes as a shocker to one and all.

And since the recent decision was made to put our regular book club meetings on hiatus in lieu of Movie Night (a less intimidating occasion without the pesky homework), I've been finding it hard to release my white-knuckled grip on the concept of regularly reviewing books amongst my peers.

So, I'm bringing book club to the blog.

There will still be the same wine drinking and snack eating (even if only on my end, but come on and join me) as before, except that the comments will be posted on the blog instead of blurted out between gossipy recountings of office misbehavior while pouring second (third) glasses of wine.

So, fellow book worms, won't you join me in the dimantling of modern literature by picking up the book you see along the right chrome here and coming back with your comments on the noted date? It will be fun and enjoyable, with very little travel required, and will perhaps divert your eyes from the TV in time to save your cornias from certain damage. Plus, if you've never read any of Bill Bryson's stuff, I bet you'll be glad you stumbled across it. And, if by some miracle, you don't find yourself honking out loud with laughter, I'll apologize right here in front of everyone for misguiding you.

And, if no one wants to join me, I'll carry on by myself. Returning on Halloween to sum up and comment on what is already (just a few pages in) a terminal side-splitter.

Have good weekends, all.


  1. I'm in! And I lurve Bill Bryson.

  2. Barb & Caro -- YAY! I hope you come back on 10/31 with some stories of public honking and knees bruised from slapping ;)

  3. OOOOH!!! You totally stole an idea that's been brewing in my head ever since I started to envy your trans-Atlantic group! FANTASTIC! Leave it to Finny to take the bull by the horns.

    Pretty please, can you bring me a copy? I live in a bit of an English-book wasteland--it's kind of hit or miss as to what I can get locally.

    I know your suitcase is already bulging but remember, you have to unload stuff here so you can reload with Italian shoes.

  4. I just found your blog and I would love to join your book club, if that's ok with you? I live in Fargo, ND and this is the sort of thing I need to get through the long winters and through some down time I will be having soon as the result of some not-so-nice medical procedures. I'll order the book today!

  5. Shelley - I will add the book to the stack going into the suitcase. I just finished it (it's good) so you can have my copy. Yay!

    E & I - Totally! Read up and come back and comment on 10/31 when I put up the book club post. Enjoy!

  6. I'm in the middle of Moloka'i, but I'll pick this one up next!

  7. AK - Totally! I think your involvement in the book club is a must! Glad you're liking Moloka'i. :)

  8. Is it too late for me to join in!?


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